Avoiding The Worst On Any Trip

Travelling to a new place is always an incredible experience but there are also going to be times when not everything goes as planned! Delays, changes and problems sometimes can’t be avoided, but there are always ways to be better prepared for it than not. It’s important to be as prepared as you possible can […]

Best Places To Eat In Havana

As the capital city of Cuba, Havana is a bustling urban centre with plenty to offer in terms of culture & entertainment, history and of course food. In a city this large, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the wealth of options available to you. There are tons of options that are perfect […]

Why You Should Pack With Just A Carry-On

Before every trip, one thing travellers have to consider is how many items they intend to bring along with them on their journey. The amount of stuff might make or break your ability to stay under luggage weight restrictions – costing you extra money and also being all-around inconvenient in a lot of ways. For […]

Travel Hacks To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet!

There are always tons of travel hacks around that sometimes the most seasoned travellers don’t know. There are always brand new things to always learn about seeing the world that can help you be the best possible traveller. Much of it is trial and error, and you will always pick up new skills and information […]

How To Travel With Just Carry-On Luggage

It might not be for everyone, but travelling with only carry-on luggage is a lot more practical and possible than you might think. There are plenty of reasons someone might take this approach, and tons of tips and tricks to make it happen; but the bottom line is it will make your trip that much […]

Are Tour Guides Useful?

Travelling to a new destination can be a great opportunity to learn about a new city, town or country but we might not always have the appropriate information to always show us where we should head next. Though there’s a wealth of information available online, it almost seems pointless to hire a tour guide, but […]