The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Travel Agent

When it comes to travel, the first step to any trip is, of course, planning it all. Some prefer setting everything up on their own; finding all of the best deals and options available to them and booking from there. If you are a generally organized and detail oriented person, that’s something that can work […]

Creating The Perfect Travel Itinerary

When it comes to travel, some people are a bit more on the spontaneous side while others like to have things planned in a well thought-out itinerary. An itinerary keeps you on track both before, during and after your trip and prevents many of the kinds of hiccups that can ruin your travel experience. While […]

Avoiding The Worst On Any Trip

Travelling to a new place is always an incredible experience but there are also going to be times when not everything goes as planned! Delays, changes and problems sometimes can’t be avoided, but there are always ways to be better prepared for it than not. It’s important to be as prepared as you possible can […]

Travel Skills Everyone Should Have

Travel isn’t difficult per se, but there are definitely some tips and tricks to make the whole process as easy, seamless and fun as possible. Travelling can get stressful sometimes depending on where you’re headed, if you’re going solo or with a group and if you plan on making more than one stop. There’s a […]

The Perfect Destinations For Travellers On A Budget

As priceless of an experience as travel can be, there are obviously some trips that cost much more money than others. With the advent of social media and a wide range of online travel tools, travelling on a much small budget is more popular than ever before. It’s something that was once only accessible to […]

How To Complete Your Travel Bucket List

For any seasoned traveller, it’s likely that they have a bucket list of places they want to see in the future. Journeys we hope to embark on at some point in the next few months or years, and we plan well for them. Sometimes, these plans get derailed for any number of reasons and we […]