The World’s Coolest Streetcars

There are many modes of transportation that exist all over the world but one of the most interesting just might be the streetcar. Not every city has them, but those that do have a combination of historic cars with vintage flair of futuristic cars that bring a modern edge to getting around – not to mention look cool in the process. Whether you rise then once or use that as the main way you get around a particular city, they make for cool photos just the same. Often times, they’re one of the most reliable and speedy ways to get around a city. Here are just a few of the world’s coolest streetcars. Continue reading The World’s Coolest Streetcars

World’s Coolest Subway Stations

For most people who live in a large city, we don’t pay too much attention to the stops along our underground commute. Learning how to maneuver in a new city while spaces, however, can be an interesting experience depending where you are. Most stations serve the simple function of allowing access to the train system; connecting a large metropolitan centre like underground veins. Some stations are designed to reflect a mood, culture, nature, works of art & everything in between, to provide everyday a chance to break up the monotony of their commute, and occasional passengers a peek into the heart of the city. So take a few extra moments before switching trains, and read our rundown of some of the world’s coolest subway stations.

2-Dubai Metro

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