Taking Advantage Of A Long Layover

One of the more frustrating things to happen when booking a flight is the sometimes unavoidable layover. It might range from 2 hours to 12, but the longer your layover, the more chances you might have to explore a little bit of your temporary destination! Checking out the layover city can be simple if you figure out these important pieces of information beforehand. It’s imperative that you make it back to the airport in order to continue on with your journey, so here are just a few things to consider when taking advantage of a long layover! Continue reading Taking Advantage Of A Long Layover

How To Complete Your Travel Bucket List

travel bucket listFor any seasoned traveller, it’s likely that they have a bucket list of places they want to see in the future. Journeys we hope to embark on at some point in the next few months or years, and we plan well for them. Sometimes, these plans get derailed for any number of reasons and we can find out list getting longer and longer as more time passes, so how do you get it all back on track? Here are just a few ways you can complete your travel bucket list in 2016 Continue reading How To Complete Your Travel Bucket List