Travel Hacks To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet!

Travel Hacks To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year YetThere are always tons of travel hacks around that sometimes the most seasoned travellers don’t know. There are always brand new things to always learn about seeing the world that can help you be the best possible traveller. Much of it is trial and error, and you will always pick up new skills and information along the way in your travels. It’s important to find and use the tips that work best for you. Here are just a few travel hacks to make 2017 your best travel year yet!


Book Two One Ways Instead

Depending on where you’re headed, it might end up costing you less money to book two one way flights to and from your destination instead of getting a round trip flight. This might be on different carriers, different times of the day and different classes, but this might end up saving you a few hundred dollars if done right.


Clear The Cookies

Everytime you go to a website looking for flight fares, it history and cookies will log the visit as demand and make note about how many people are searching for it. This is why, many times when you return at a later day the price is bumped up a little bit. This is a bid to get you to book the flight ASAP instead of shopping around some more. You can get around this by clearing out your browser history and cookies (be prepared to lose your saved passwords and the like, though!) or better yet, browsing in incognito mode.



Remember You Have A Full Day For  A Refund

Even with flights that are non refundable, you will always have a window of up to 24 hours to get your money back without losing any of it. Purchase the flight you’ve been watching and if a better price comes up within the following day, cancel and book the cheaper one instead with no penalties!

Get The Airline App

As soon as you book a flight with a particular carrier, check to see if they have an app! If so, download it right away to stay on top of cancellations, delays and gate changes in real time without having to wait for an email (that you just might miss) or waiting to hear it over the speaker system. Some apps even allow you to check in with your ticket information on the app.
Travel Hacks To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet

Go Squishy With Your Carry-On

As tempting as it might be to get some type of hardshell casing in terms of a carry-on bag, it’s better to go with something a bit more malleable so that you’re able to stuff it into the overhead carriage a lot easier. At Rise Gear, our bags are made from quality material that is also extremely flexible and can accommodate a variety of storage locations.

Think Outfits, Not Pieces

NO matter what you’re style is, the clothes you bring along with you on your trip can be a tough decision to have to make. Stick to clothes within a similar colour scheme so you don’t have to worry about pieces not matching or going together. Think about versatile items that can work well with many other things so you’re not overpacking and one thing can be worn tons of different ways. Also, think dark colours for the most part not only for easier matching but also: dark colours hide stains and you might not be able to treat spills on the go.

See More For Less

Take full advantage of stopovers as a way to see additional cities and countries for free! There are some airlines that allow you to book in a stop for an extra city into a connecting flight to your final destination. Some might not be quite this intentional, but see how many hours you can squeeze in to the stopover city so you can explore a new place while heading to another.

Minimize Jet Lag

Jet lag is one of those things that are almost impossible to avoid especially with long flights, but there are ways to minimize their effects. By eating right during your trip and getting the right amount of sleep (partying on vacation is important, but try to get 4 hours a night at least) is the key to not suffering too much when your trip is over.

Getting Past Pre-Trip Jitters

pre-trip jittersSometimes our anxieties can creep up when we least expect them to, even for seasoned travellers. It’s important to be in a great place before heading out on your next trip, but there are times where we feel a little bit nervous and antsy than usual. Just like anything else, it’s important to think of all the reasons to still go on your trip but beyond that there are ways to get past these pre-trip jitters. Whether it’s about the flight or travelling along for the first time, putting your mind at ease before setting off on your journey is always a good idea.


Before your trip, there are a tons of self-care activities that you can do to set your mind at ease, depending on what appeals to you most. It might be walks, writing, visiting friends and family, taking long baths, working out and so much more than calms and centers you. Whatever it is that works the best for you, try to commit to it before you have to leave so you feel a bit more relaxed and refreshed before you go.

Find Out What It Is

It’s important to understand what it is that’s bothering you or making you antsy. It might be fears about going to a new place for the first time or it could be related to a past negative experience if it’s somewhere you’ve been before. You might be worried about how the trip will go in general. Whatever it is, it’s best to have an understanding of where the jitters stem from so you know how to go about facing them head on.pre-trip jitters

Plan, plan, plan

Planning ahead can do plenty to alleviate some of the stresses associated with going on a trip. Having a solid ideas of what you’re going to be doing as soon as you touch down in your destination can be a great help in calming you down. Getting rid of uncertainty in that way could do a lot in terms of getting past some of the jitters associated with the trip. This is especially important if your fears are directly related to going to a new destination for the first time or travelling on your own. Having a clear plan of what you’re doing and where you’re going will help you stay on track and worry a bit less about the trip in general.

Think Ahead

Coming back to why you might be a bit apprehensive about your trip, it’s important to think ahead and really plan things like having some extra financial cushion and other specific investments that will make your trip go off without a hitch. It might be paying the extra money to ensure you have phone service while you’re away that might do the trick – especially if your jitters are related to being away from family for a certain length of time. Make sure you have everything you might need for every possible occurrence during your trip so you can worry just a little bit less.

Whatever you do to get over your travel jitters, knowing you have quality luggage like Rise Gear will help you worry about on less thing. Happy Travels!

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