Taking Advantage Of A Long Layover

One of the more frustrating things to happen when booking a flight is the sometimes unavoidable layover. It might range from 2 hours to 12, but the longer your layover, the more chances you might have to explore a little bit of your temporary destination! Checking out the layover city can be simple if you […]

Cities With The Best Music Scenes

We all travel for different reasons and one of the biggest ones is to experience the various art scenes around the world, particularly music & nightlife. No matter what you’re into, you’re likely to find something that sounds like music to your ears in any one of these incredible cities. Here are just a few cities […]

The Pros & Cons of Low Cost Airlines

With most trips, the most expensive part is the flight to your destination. It’s also a cost that can be extremely flexible depending on how well you plan ahead and the airline you fly with! With the advent of more and more “budget travellers”, low cost airlines are now more popular than ever. Airlines that […]

7 Reasons You Should Visit Amsterdam Today

When it comes to European travel, you don’t always need much reason to go. The entire region is full of many amazing and interesting destinations and feature everything from great food to fantastic architecture. One place that has those things and so much more is Amsterdam. The capital city of the Netherlands is just as much an […]

Why You Should Go To Sweden Today

Heading to Europe is exciting for many reasons and there are plenty o countries in the region for you to explore. One of the most interesting is Sweden. No matter what brings you to this Scandinavian nation, there’s tons of beauty and innovation to be seen all around you once you get there. Here are just […]