World’s Best Airport Restaurants

No matter where you go in the world,  you’ll have access to a whole new set of food options than what’s available in your home town. For all the culinary delights that exist around the world, you can sometimes get some pretty incredible food without even having to leave the air terminal. Airport eateries are sometimes the first place we get to experience the food of a particular region, or it might be an amazing fusion from other parts of the world. Either way, airports are home to restaurants with some of the most delicious menus, world renowned chefs and plenty of awards to back them up. Here are just a few of the world’s best airport restaurants. Continue reading World’s Best Airport Restaurants

World’s Best Airport Lounges

Best Airport LoungesWhether you’re waiting to board your flight to your destination or waiting for a connecting flight, it’s impossible to avoid spending at least a little bit of time in the airport. Conventional knowledge suggests arriving at the airport 2 hours before your flight time to account for checking your luggage and getting through customs as well as any mishaps or delays. Conversely, long flights might also mean long layovers of a few hours. Both of these scenarios leave you with plenty of time to kill in the meantime while you wait to make your next move. Continue reading World’s Best Airport Lounges