Movies Every Traveller Should See

Films often inspire us in many ways, from love stories to documentaries. Engaging storylines, characters we can relate to or even great costuming can be a gentle nudge to do or see something new. Movies set in locations far from home can often be an important factor when choosing the places we want to go. They can introduce us, educate us and help add to a bucket list of “must-see” corners of the globe by allowing us to see the destination’s beautiful possibilities, depending on the film of course. Here’s our list of movies every traveller should see!


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Why You Should Learn the Language Wherever You Go

In many tourist destinations, they anticipate English as the de facto language of most of their travellers and do their best to accommodate. This may not always be the case, however, and it then becomes important that you know at least a few important phrases in the local language. No matter where you’re headed and what language they speak, there’s plenty of resources for you to learn the language just enough to get simple tasks done.

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Unique Hotels You Need To Visit At Least Once

Booking a hotel is probably the most important part of any trip, and choosing from the multitude of places can sometimes be overwhelming. Some go for luxury amenities like ensuite jacuzzis while others focus on practical features like proximity to city centres and public transit. But what about a bit of a twist? Staying in an unconventional hotel can make for an unforgettable experience and awesome photos. Whether it speaks to your artistic side or lets you count stars instead of sheep to doze off, everyone should give these unique hotels a visit at least once!


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Staying Connected While You Travel

Unplugging from your daily routine is one of the best things about travelling. This includes the mobile apps and social media sites that keep us all connected; maybe a little too connected. Taking a bit of a break from these constant forms of communication and truly enjoying your surroundings is, for most people, the goal of their adventures. Eventually though, you’re going to want to let your friends and family know how your trip is going with a quick phone call, a text or by uploading a selfie in front of your new favourite place. Here’s a few options to stay connected while you travel.


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How to Fight Boredom on a Long Flight

There’s an anticipation that builds while en route to a far-flung destination that usually makes flyers forget the more stressful parts of travel. That sense of relief when you finally board your flight and settle into your seat usually comes with excitement as you mentally plan your first steps upon arrival at your destination. But then what? For long flights of 7, 8 or more hours (like New York City to Tokyo, Japan clocking in at 15 hours!) and worse, long layovers in other airports, it’s easy to get bored and restless.

Here, we go through a few tips to fight boredom during long trips.


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