The World’s Most Breathtaking Mountains

Almost anywhere you go in the world,  you’re bound to see some amazing views of nature in the distance or up close & personal. There’s plenty of destinations where you can see some of the world’s most beautiful mountains each morning from your hotel or guest house, or climb them if you’re more on the […]

Top Destinations For The Avid Surfer

For lovers of extreme sports, there are always going to be places on this planet that are better than others. From rock climbing to deep sea diving, there are plenty of locations around the world that are best suited for what you like to do most. It’s no different with surfing, and there are plenty of […]

Travel Book Suggestions For The Seasoned Traveller

No matter how long your trip is, having a great book at your side is a great idea just in case there’s any delays along the way. While it’s important to ensure all of your devices are charged up and ready to go for your entertainment, sometimes there’s just nothing like having a great book […]

Making The Perfect 2017 Travel Bucket List

The great thing about travel bucket lists is that everyone’s is totally and completely different, so no two lists will ever look the same. The cities and countries on the lists will vary, but the goal is always the same: to see as many of them as possible! When making your list, it’s important to think about […]

Unconventional Restaurants From Around The World

The world is full of unconventional things; from hotels to attractions there is plenty to explore that falls a little bit to the left. For many people, food is a perfectly good reason to visit a new country. Pair that with a love of things a bit unusual, and you just might find yourself at […]

Travel Hacks To Make 2017 Your Best Travel Year Yet!

There are always tons of travel hacks around that sometimes the most seasoned travellers don’t know. There are always brand new things to always learn about seeing the world that can help you be the best possible traveller. Much of it is trial and error, and you will always pick up new skills and information […]

Travel Skills Everyone Should Have

Travel isn’t difficult per se, but there are definitely some tips and tricks to make the whole process as easy, seamless and fun as possible. Travelling can get stressful sometimes depending on where you’re headed, if you’re going solo or with a group and if you plan on making more than one stop. There’s a […]

Why You Should Head To Sri Lanka

When travelling to South Asia, many people focus on India as their go-to and as beautiful of a country as it is, it’s important to remember the wonderful nations in the same region. Sri Lanka is one of those countries! Just south of India, Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise of an island that gives […]