Why You Should Visit Ireland This Year!

For many, March means celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with green beer and plenty of partying but it’s always important to go right to the source – no matter what time of year it is! heading to Europe is always a great travel idea, so here are just a few reasons why you should visit Ireland […]

Why 2017 Is The Perfect Year To Discover Iceland

If you’re into cool architecture just as much as you’re into the beauty of nature, Iceland is probably the best place for you to explore this year! Here, you can see the awesomeness that is the Northern Lights; something you truly have to see to believe. Just like any other destination, there are plenty of reasons […]

Malaysian Foods You Need To Try!

Just like any part of the world, one of the best things about travel is all of the amazing foods you’ll be able to try along the way. Whether it’s street food from local vendors or full plated meals at popular restaurants, connecting with the cuisine of a particular place is one of the best […]

Tipping Around The World

Here in North America, we have a very particular standard of restaurant & service manner that we often assume extends to the rest of the world as well. With tipping, this is definitely not the case. While 15%-20% might be the standard here, there are many other places in the world where that expectation is much […]

Unconventional Restaurants From Around The World

The world is full of unconventional things; from hotels to attractions there is plenty to explore that falls a little bit to the left. For many people, food is a perfectly good reason to visit a new country. Pair that with a love of things a bit unusual, and you just might find yourself at […]

Why You Should Head To Sri Lanka

When travelling to South Asia, many people focus on India as their go-to and as beautiful of a country as it is, it’s important to remember the wonderful nations in the same region. Sri Lanka is one of those countries! Just south of India, Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise of an island that gives […]

5 Best Vegetable-Based Dishes From Around The World

When travelling to a new destination, it’s always important to have an open mind in terms of the new tastes you will no doubt encounter. Trying new cuisines is actually a motivating travel factor for many people who want to experience new cultures in one of the most fundamental ways: food. While meat of all […]

6 Snack Foods From Around The World

No matter what country you go to, you’re bound to find snack foods; particularly ones you’ve never seen before. Maybe a local will suggest it to you, the packaging will simply catch your eye or you’ll stumble across it on lists just like this one. No matter how you find it, the end result is […]

Food Etiquette From Around The World

  In different corners of the world, there are different guidelines about how one should conduct themselves in a variety of situations and a big one is dining etiquette. On our blog, we touched on some international Dos and Donts, some of which included how to conduct yourself in homes and restaurants alike. It’s important to keep […]