Best Reviewed Airport Restaurants From Around the World

With early flight times, long layovers and delays, airports can be hectic places for even the most seasoned traveller. Even after meticulous packing & careful preparation, airports can be an exhausting experience (albeit a small price to pay for the destination that awaits you!)

To alleviate some of those stresses, great food is always the best remedy. Most airports offer traditional vending machine and franchise fast food fare; but a few offer dining experiences that rival top restaurants beyond the tarmac.

Here are some of the best reviewed airport restaurants from around the world to satisfy your globetrotting cravings and give you a reason to check in just a little earlier.
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How To Pick The Ultimate Travel Camera

If there’s one thing about travel that we tend to love most, it’s the memories that you’re able to capture! While many people just take photos on their smartphones, there are other travelers who get a rush out of taking incredible photos with great cameras. It can sometimes be tricky to know which camera you should or shouldn’t buy, but there are tons of resources online – like this blog! – that can help. You don’t have to be a professional in order to use an amazing camera on your travels. All you need is a little bit of know-how, a great eye, and interesting subjects and you’ll be on your way. Searching for a bunch of brand names will only take you so far if you’re not sure exactly what you should be looking for. By keeping very specific things in mind, it will make the whole process of choosing a camera that much easier. Here are just a few of those things to help you pick the ultimate travel camera! Continue reading How To Pick The Ultimate Travel Camera

Big Apple Street Food You Need To Try

If there’s one amazing thing about New York City, it’s all of the different food options you’ll have available to you no matter where you go and when. New York is a foodie’s paradise, and it’s said that if you ate at a different New York City restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, it would take over 100 years to get through them all – and that’s not even counting to food trucks and pop-up vendors! This giant metropolis is home to plenty of different cultures and each come with their very own take on traditional classics both from their respective places of origin or American fare. No matter what kind of food you’re into, you’re bound to find something for you in New York City. Here are just some of the foods you need to try in the city that never sleeps!

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The World’s Coolest Dishes

When you travel, one of the best things you can do is try some of the local cuisines. While plenty of things are much more similar than we might expect, there are plenty of truly unique culinary experience to be had that can really give you an insight to just how eclectic a destination might be. This might not work for picky eaters, but those who aren’t afraid to mix it up and try new things can definitely have the time of their lives giving new kinds of foods, methods and tastes a try while they travel. Here are just a few of the world’s coolest dishes that you should try during your next trip.

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Why New Orleans Is So Much More Than Mardi Gras

As we get halfway through 2017, it’s important to think about the countries and cities that are absolute “must-sees” for the rest of the year and leading into 2018. One such place is the beautiful city of New Orleans. Full of history, art, music and culture, it’s been one of the most interesting destinations for decades – if not centuries. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit New Orleans in 2017!

The Food

If nothing else, the biggest draw to this amazing city has got to be the food. No matter what you’re into, you’re likely to find it in New Orleans. That being said, Creole and Cajun food pull from a lot of different influences to create the cuisine the city and Louisiana lowlands are known for. Try staples like Gumbo and Jambalaya as well as Shrimp Etouffee and crab cakes. It’s pretty obvious that New Orleans is a seafood town, with plenty of the most famous dishes incorporating fish in some way, including dishes like fried catfish and grilled tuna. You can still find other options like Cajun or fried chicken and some pretty great steak depending on where you go, and don’t forget to indulge in some down home desserts like king cakes and beignets when to end off your meal. Many of the restaurants in New Orleans offer “to go” cups so you can enjoy your cocktails and local brews on the go as well.

The Music

New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz music, and as long as you’re in the city you’re bound to be in the midst of it! Whether it’s venues all over the city (many of them found on lively Bourbon St.) or street performers anywhere in the city, you’re bound to hear some of the best jazz music you’ve ever heard.

The Folklore

New Orleans is known as America’s most haunted city and has some pretty cool folklore wrapped up in its streets. Whether it’s voodoo or ghost stories, there are even dedicated tours for those that are feeling particularly brave! Ride around the city and see buildings and other locations that help bring these stories to life.

The Festivals

One of the world’s biggest parties happens in New Orleans each and every spring. Most people know Mardi Gras for the music, food, parades, beads, dancing, and fun that it brings, but there are plenty of other festivals that happen in the city as well. It might be in your best interest to find one that intrigues you the most and plan your trip around it. Think Essence Fest, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Buku Music and Art Project, Beignet Festival and so much more as just a few of the things that might bring you to the city.

The Bayous

There have been plenty of movies that have perfectly captured the haunting beauty of the bayous of Louisiana, and it’s something that anyone visiting should see for themselves. There are plenty of bayou tours that can take you around to see them. It’s so relaxing you might want to do it a second time.

The Architecture

The architecture in this city is simply stunning. With much of the buildings in vintage gothic and colonial style, it feels like going back in time. This is particularly true in the French Quarter, and there are tons of gorgeous mansions, venues, and gardens for you to see and admire while you’re here.

No matter what brings you to New Orleans, start your trip off right by bringing along your Rise Gear luggage system. Your clothes will thank you! Happy Travels!

World’s Best Airport Restaurants

No matter where you go in the world,  you’ll have access to a whole new set of food options than what’s available in your home town. For all the culinary delights that exist around the world, you can sometimes get some pretty incredible food without even having to leave the air terminal. Airport eateries are sometimes the first place we get to experience the food of a particular region, or it might be an amazing fusion from other parts of the world. Either way, airports are home to restaurants with some of the most delicious menus, world renowned chefs and plenty of awards to back them up. Here are just a few of the world’s best airport restaurants. Continue reading World’s Best Airport Restaurants

World’s Best Farmer’s Markets

No matter where you go around the world, it’s likely that you’re going to find a farmer’s market to visit while you’re there. Whether you’re going just to visit or to pick up some useful products and items to have some snacks back at the hotel, farmer’s markets are usually a good spot on any trip. Typically, weekends are the best time to seek them out and warmer weather is usually when you’ll be able to explore them most. Here are just a few of the world’s best farmer’s markets. Continue reading World’s Best Farmer’s Markets

Why You Should Head To The Bahamas This Year!

It’s no secret that destinations all over the Caribbean are breathtakingly beautiful and the Bahamas are absolutely no different. A collection of over 700 islands, islets, and cays make up this amazing destination, and there are plenty of reasons why this should be on your 2017 bucket list and beyond. Here are just a few great reasons why you should head to the Bahamas this year. Continue reading Why You Should Head To The Bahamas This Year!

How To Enjoy Your Favourite Travel Meals At Home

One of the best things about traveling to a new place is learning the culture, the customs and the food of this new location. During your travels, you might come across a dish or a flavour that you become enamoured with! You might eat it every day of your trip and even day dream about it when you get home but you can’t quite seem to recreate it. Whether it’s Jamaican Jerk Pork, Filipino Chicken Adobo or authentic Pad Thai, there’s always ways to bring the tastes of your trips with you and enjoy your favourite travel meals at home! Continue reading How To Enjoy Your Favourite Travel Meals At Home

Getting The Most Authentic Food No Matter Where You Go

An important part of travel is trying to local food of the destination you’re going to. There’s no use in going around the world to eat the same food you eat at home! Even the pickiest eaters should give new things a try when they head somewhere new, and there’s always going to be places that are more authentic than others to do so. In large tourist cities, there are commercialized versions of the local cuisine that is meant to appease foreign palates and sensibilities. It might share names with local dishes, but you might be getting cheated out of the real flavours of the region. Here are just a few ways you can experience the most authentic food no matter where you go. Continue reading Getting The Most Authentic Food No Matter Where You Go