What The World’s Largest Cities Looked Like 100 Years Ago

London metro 100 years agoThere’s a common thread among some of the world’s most booming cities; from bright lights, technological progress, large populations and access to arts and culture right at your fingertips. It’s no secret that the last century has seen rapid changes and advancements, so what did some of the world’s largest cities look like in the early 20th century? For some, it’s hard to put 100 years into perspective, it was several generations ago after all.  At the turn of the 20th century, many of the world’s largest cities looked nothing like the cities we know today – but some elements were always present. Here, we look at what some of the world’s largest cities looked like 100 years ago! Continue reading What The World’s Largest Cities Looked Like 100 Years Ago

New Year’s Celebrations Around The World

light-person-woman-fireThe winter months are cause for celebrations and there’s a wide array of different celebrations that take place related to religion, nature & more. For many, these months also signify a transition into the new year on January 1st, sometimes later depending where you go! Some of these celebration involve traditions related to rebirth and signifying starting fresh for an upcoming year, while others have extravagant parties to ring in the new calendar year Here’s just a few of some of the most interesting New Year’s celebrations around the world!

New York City


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The World’s Best Jazz Festivals

Here on the Rise Gear blog, we ran down some of the best music festivals to plan your trip around; but left out some important ones: jazz festivals! Some of the most well known music festivals are based around this melodic and groovy genre, and deserve their own special shine. Premiere vocalists and instrumentalists, both up & coming and established have made appearance at one or more of these prestigious festivals over the years. Check out our list of the world’s best jazz festivals and find out which one you should head to. Keep in mind the dates vary by year, so check the official website of each one to be sure when to fly in and out.


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World Festivals Worth Planning Your Trip Around

Imagine arriving to your vacation destination; excited and ready to explore, and being told that while you’ll still enjoy yourself, you’ve narrowly missed a city or country-wide celebration or arts festival that you would have loved to take part in – if you had known about it prior to booking your trip! In every corner of the world, there’s celebrations commemorating historical events, religious holidays, new calendar years, music, art, food and everything in between. These events can be awe-inspiring for travellers, giving them a better look into that region’s customs. Many people travel to new countries, cities and regions specifically to see these celebrations for themselves, while others stumble upon it during a trip that was already planned. Here, we run down a few Festivals & Cultural celebrations from around the world that are worth planning your trip around!



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