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7288320_largeWhile in College, Lee Renshaw was traveling 1.5hr to school each way and would often stay at his girlfriend’s house or stay on campus on late nights rather than make the trek home.

To cope with the constant unknown of where he would end up each night, he packed and lived out of his duffle bag. He quickly became frustrated with the wrinkled clothes and had trouble finding his stuff. He set out to develop a solution that would solve his problem.

After many late nights learning how to sew his first prototypes, he came up with a portable shelving system built into his bag that could be hung to keep his stuff organized on the go.

They pitched their business to the Dragons on CBC’s Dragon’s Den on the premier episode and won the Dragons approval with a 100% hit rate!

Today, joined by his brother Sean and wife Nicole, Rise has an ever expanding product line of travel solutions. There are always new products underway!


We love travel. Seeing the world. Getting business done. Going place to place. Even if it’s in our own backyard. We are passionate about creating unique, innovative and highly functional mobility solutions that make getting around with your stuff easier and more rewarding. Rise products are available in North America for people who appreciate smarter travel solutions.


If you are like most active people, you are pretty tough on your gear. RISE puts great effort into choosing the best materials and providing you with the highest level of workmanship. We proudly stand behind everything we make. RISE products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

When you a buy a Rise creation, we want you to feel that no detail was overlooked, nothing was left to chance and that our team put countless hours into making it the best product we possibly can.

Check out our innovative line of travel solutions at: RISEgear.com

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  1. We would like to review this suitcase on GoNOMAD.com Travel. We do a lot of reviews of eyewear, travel bags, travel clothing etc. We think our readers would like to know about your cool new bags. Can you send us a sample unit to test?

    Thanks. you guys are very cool to have gotten on that TV show. We love SharkTank, same idea here in the US.

    Max Hartshorne
    GoNOMAD.com Travel

  2. If I am going away for 10 days and nights, which piece of Rise Gear luggage would you recommend?

  3. they look amazing, will they ever be made in more cheerful colours, black blends into all other luggage
    love to see bright green, blue,purple pink, make them geared to women to teens too.,just an idea
    id love one but black hold me back, ill wait and see what heroines, great idea tho ..Love the concept!!!
    Victoria wilson

  4. Love it
    I got 2 for me and my husband…..
    Need more pieces as teachers presents
    Please email me who can I talk with an order of 27 bags

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