Easy Valentine’s Checklist From RISE Gear

Are you planning out a romantic, memorable valentine night with your significant other? RISE gear has you covered with this quick, handy Valentine Checklist to help you plan and perfect your Valentine evening with that significant other in your life.

Dress to Impress

When you are planning out a Valentine party with your partner, remember to dress appropriately for the occasion and it is equally important for both the individuals. What you should wear will depend on what you are doing, for example if you are staying in vs. going out. If you are going out, dress up, but keep it warm and inviting. Details matter, cleaned and ironed clothing, unique dress socks, cufflinks, or a classic watch will help make you stand out and look more stunning than you normally would.


Turn Your Phone Off

While it may be tempting to take your phone out to snap some photos of the occasion, we don’t recommend it. We are on our phones 24/7 every other day of the year. Let us try to take the time to put our phones away and start engaging and interacting with that loved one in a meaningful way. If your significant other wants to take any photos or share any memories, let them do it. Unless you are a doctor on-call, don’t take out your phone and focus on your date.

Flowers are great; A Personal Card is even better

No matter how cliché, from outrageous bouquets to just a single rose, giving of flowers will never run out of style during Valentine’s Day. It is basically one way of communicating your feelings when words fail. While flowers are great, they are not enough. In fact, we think that the card can be just as important as the flowers itself.

Spend some time and go through the cards until you find the one that’s perfect for your loved one. Make sure you write something meaningful, special and personal. While many people would just sign the card and not give it a second though, it is important to consider a thoughtful thing to write. Include an inside joke, personal anecdote or special compliment to make it extra special. It is important to make it memorable, and share something from the heart.


Choose a gift to surprise them

This is an opportunity to show your beloved how much they mean to you. Plan out a romantic Valentines gift that leaves them feeling special. We agree that most people will love valentine chocolates, valentine soft toys, delicious cakes, or beautiful jewellery sets. However, if you truly want to stand apart from all the rest and get your loved one a unique, quirky and special gift that your significant other would love even more than the store bought stuff. You don’t even have to be good at making something for it to be appreciated… handmade items are always in style!



It is about quality time, not quantity.

We all live busy lives and it is understandable that will not be able to spend as much time as we would want with our loved one. However, we really believe in quality time vs. quantity time. Quality time means having meaningful focused, intentional, and engaging time with our significant other. Our attention is undivided and all parties are benefiting from the increased interaction and shared-time. If you are not able to have quality time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, another day nearby is also okay. After all, you should be showing that you love your significant other every day of the week!


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