While flying to your destination is always fun, there’s just something about taking a road trip and driving where you need to go that creates such a fun and lively experience. Depending on where you’re headed, your drive is set to be longer than a flight might be – making the essentials you have to bring along with you a little bit different. On the plus side, you don’t have to split your luggage up in items you can bring with you and once you’ll have to check; although it can be said that some of your items being in the trunk might have the same effect. Nevertheless, there are always going to be specific things that you can bring along for the trip to make the whole experience that much better. Here are just a few road trip essentials to get you from point A to point B and everywhere in between.


Since you’ll be in charge of getting where you need to go on your own, it will be important to know exactly how to do that. Whether it’s a GPS device, your phone or a good old-fashioned map, it will be important to have some kind of navigation system in the car with you so you know just where you’re headed, if you’re going the wrong way and how close you are to your final destination. This will also help you plan for stops along the way once you know the route you’re going to take.

road trip essentialsSnacks

On a flight, you’ll have the ability to buy food and snacks but not so much on a road trip. You might drive through long stretches of road without any retail locations whatsoever for miles so it will be important to stock up before you head out. During rest stops, make the most of them by stocking up on more snacks. It’s in your best interest to have a good balance of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks so that you can stay charged up for the entire trip depending on who has to drive or take turns doing so.

Toiletries Up Front

While you won’t have to worry about being separated from your luggage for hours on end since you can always just pull over and go into the trunk, it’s always much easier to keep certain items with you inside the car. This includes toiletries such as wet wipes, toothbrushes, lotions and more. Whether it’s making a quick rest stop or a stop for the night, having these on hand will make it much easier to maneuver between the vehicle and wherever you might be staying.

Seat Organizer

For passengers who’ll be sitting in the back during your trip, they’re going to have much less access to storage space than the driver and front seat passenger does. Some cars have a pocket on the back of the front seat but this is not across the board. If your car doesn’t have one of these, don’t hesitate to buy one that creates smaller compartments for your passengers to store things in during the ride, from books and mobile devices to snacks and more.road trip essentials


If you’re headed out during a colder time of year, it will obviously make sense to bring a few blankets along for the ride. Not only will this make from some great car naps for the passengers, but you can also use them at your rest stop accommodations if the blankets provided aren’t enough.

In addition to all of these great items, the most important things to bring with your is an adventurous spirit and great luggage like Rise Gear. It will be a great way to keep your clothes neat and in order throughout the whole road trip. Your clothes will thank you. Happy Travels!

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