If there’s one great thing about traveling the world, it’s the ideas for great gifts you get from the different destinations you go to or just from travel in general. Think beyond the plastic takeaways that are usually available at the airport or hotel lobby, most countries around the world have all of their own amazing finds in stores and markets. If you’re travelling anywhere during the fall or early winter, that means you’re going to have plenty of chances to buy holiday gifts for your loved ones no matter what you’re celebrating. How else can you share the gift of new destinations with everyone? You might not be able to bring them all with you, but it’s more than possible to bring a piece of said destination back home to them. Here are just a few of the very best global holiday gift ideas to help you on your way.

Travel Vouchers

A great gift for anyone, of course, is not the items you bring back from any particular place but rather a gift that will help them get there on their own. Travel vouchers are available from many airlines, hotels and travel companies to allow the receiver to use in a wide variety of places and in a wide variety of ways. DOn’t hesitate to help someone have the same experience you had – you may even plan a trip together and bring them along for the ride!


Every traveler needs a good luggage set, and where better to get it from than RiseĀ Gear? Quality is of the utmost importance, and that’s something that Rise Gear has covered. Made with high-quality materials and expert care, this is likely the best luggage system you could gift someone with!

One Of A Kind Art

From flea markets to roadside stalls, many destinations around the world have places to buy art literally everywhere. From canvas to sculpture to photography and everything in between, there’s usually at least a few places that you’ll be able to buy art that truly encapsulate the feeling of said destination.


Sometimes, nothing says the holidays like clothing from another city or country. It might be items that you’re unable to purchase in your hometown or online or traditional clothing that carries meaning along with it for the wearer. Think about the taste of the person you’re buying for and go from there.

Natural Elements

You might have a friend or family member who collects rocks, gems and even seashells and it’s important to remember to bring something back for them as well. The good thing is, you don’t have to spend much to get what might make them happiest. If you’re in a beach-filled oceanside location, many of the kinds of things that most people collect will be readily available to you. Ensure that picking up these items isn’t frowned upon – as it can be in some places – and collect them along the way so you can sort through the best ones before you get home.

No matter what you end up giving away, make sure you have your very own Rise Gear luggage system of your very own. Your clothes will thank you. Happy Travels!

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