As the weather gets a bit chillier in many countries, it’s becoming much more important to have a warm and hearty meal at what is typically the coldest point of the day: the morning. All over the world, breakfast looks different to different people and it’s always fun to indulge in the local way of eating when you’re on your trip. Some might look similar to what you already eat at home, while others are a brand new journey. Here are just a few of the most interesting breakfasts from around the world.


In China, many of the same foods you would eat at any other time of day are eaten first thing in the morning. These include things like dumplings, soups with rice and vegetables, custard buns and more, with other more “traditional” foods like porridge also finding their way into the mix. It all makes for an interesting mix of sweet and savoury flavours and a balanced meal.


Breakfast Around The WorldIn Guyana, like much of the Caribbean, a common breakfast includes bakes – or fried dough typically in slightly flattened balls, and saltfish or cod. It’s a delicious mix that’s just as filling as it is tasty, and definitely one that you should give a try.


French Breakfast tends to consist of foods you might find at a cafe – hot chocolate and sweet pastries. Skipping the salty sides the U.S. and U.K. enjoy such as meats and eggs, breakfast in France is a much sweeter affair. Think chocolate croissants, soft bread and butter and tea, coffee or juice on the side. A great start to the day, indeed!


You can opt for either traditional or more westernized breakfast when you’re in Japan, with the former consisting mainly of miso soup, rice, fish and soybeans. The other option is full of foods that Noth American travelers would be more familiar with at the start of the day like eggs and toast.

The Philippines

Filipino breakfasts may be simple, but they’re very filling and the perfect way to start a day on the islands. This typically includes coffee, bread rolls and a dish made with rice, egg and dried meat called Tapsilog.

VenezuelaBreakfast Around The World

For the most part, Venezuelans enjoy a lighter breakfast that includes a flat corn cake called an arepa filled with everything from cheese to various meats like fish, chicken or ham. You can also enjoy a bit of a heavier meal consisting of beans, shredded beef, cooked vegetables, avocado and an arepa.


Like many Asian countries, breakfast in Cambodia is full of the kinds of savoury dishes you might eat for lunch of dinner as well. The most common breakfast here is a soup containing rice noodles, vegetables, and meat called Kuy Teav.


No matter where you go in the country, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal called Manakish – a flatbread served up with cheese and tomatoes among other local seasonings and garnishes. It’s a filling and savoury way to get your day started, and it’s simple to eat no matter where you are.

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