You might travel a few times a year, but some travellers are truly frequent fliers. Not only do you know your home airport like the back of your hand, you also have tons of cool information and knowledge about the rest of the world as well. You might not know it, but there are a handful of ways to tell if someone is a frequent flier, and it might be things you do on an everyday basis without even realizing it! Here are just a few of the signs that you’re a frequent flier!

You’ve Memorized Your Passport Number

From booking so many flights, you’ve learned your passport number by heart so you don’t have to get up to get it each and every time. More than likely, it’s still in your carry-on bag from the last trip and stored there so it’s on hand for the next.

frequent flierYou Know Cities By Airport Code

Instead of Toronto, it’s YYZ, and New York is either LGA or JFK – depending on where you’re at! In casual conversation, especially with other travellers, you refer to cities by their airport code instead of their names because it’s just cooler that way. Besides, that’s  your first interaction with a new destination anyway, so what’s in a name?

You Don’t Mind Airline Food

It’s not gourmet, but it’s not too bad either. In-flight options can be tricky, but you don’t mind most of the options you’ve had. Not only that, you know just where all of the best restaurants are in every airport. Depending on the location, you can grab your favourites and bring it onto the flight with you just in case that works better for you.

You Only Use Debit and Credit Cards That Offer Travel Points

Collecting points is one thing, but you have tailored your entire banking experience to reflect your traveler status. You won’t use a card unless it can somehow feed into your travel habit and you have switched banks for this reason alone. It’s not a bad idea, however, considering just how many small and mundane purchases can truly add up!

You Have A Favourite Seat

Each and every time you book a flight, you immediately search for your go-to seat number. It’s that perfect window seat that’s far enough behind the wing for it to not get in the way of the perfect instashot. Or, it’s an aisle seat you know will give you a clear shot to the washroom as soon as you need to after the in-flight beverages. Either way, you know exactly where it is and you groan when you’re not able to choose it.

You Time Yourself Well. Too Well.frequent flier

One advantage of travelling often is that you know exactly how long it takes you to get ready and make it to the airport down to the minute. This can be extremely helpful in terms of planning around a specific time, but knowing how much time you have can make it tempting to procrastinate. You may have previous experiences getting through security in 45 minutes, but that should be the standard that you rely on in terms of making it to the airport.

You Have Great Luggage

People who travel a lot know that they need a great luggage system and don’t skimp on the details. Bags like Rise Gear are excellent for frquent fliers because of how neat it keeps your clothes – even the ones you haven’t had a chance to unpack and re-pack from that last trip. Rise Gear is always going to be your best bet in terms of good luggage and your clothes will thank you. Happy Travels!



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