Many travelers don’t think they need travel insurance but the truth of the matter is that it’s more useful than you might realize. No matter where you go in the world, there are going to be risks involved that you should be aware of – but that doesn’t mean you should panic! Having insurance helps you make sure that you can make the absolute most out of your trip without having to worry about things that might sully the excitement. Think about what the most common risks are that are associated with travel and more than likely there is coverage that can give you peace of mind. Online resources are always great but they can sometimes make travelers feel as though life hacks and tips can always protect you from things that might go wrong. Here are just a few of the reasons that insurance is still a good idea in 2017.


The most common issue that comes up that might require insurance is trip cancellations. There are plenty of reasons for this ranging from an emergency to bad weather. Whether the cancellation comes from your end or from the airline or hotel, but having insurance will ensure that you can be properly reimbursed either partially or fully. Nothing is more frustrating than saving and paying for a trip in full and facing the possibility of losing that entire cost just because you’re no longer able to go. Having insurance is the best way to ensure that you don’t lose out on the money you have already paid towards your trip. In the event that you can’t be reimbursed in cash, you can also be credited for future trips so you can book hotels and flights at a later time.

travel insuranceLost Baggage

Another common issue that can come up during a trip is losing your luggage. Sometimes with checked bags, they can get misplaced by the airline leaving you to figure out how to function without it for the rest of your trip. Sometimes, they’re found and you’ll have access to your clothes and other items for at least part of your trip. Other times, your bags are lost indefinitely. These are the instances that insurance is important so that you can be reimbursed for the cost of your lost items. One of the worst things is having to purchase all new luggage (especially if it’s Rise Gear!) and all of the items inside.


One more important thing that insurance covers are medical expenses that can come with traveling the world. For more adventurous travelers, extreme sports might be a part of the territory. If something happens to you while zip lining or scuba diving, insurance will help you avoid exorbitant medical bills and can even assist in flying you back home and even sending a family member to bring you back as well. While it’s never pleasant to think about the negative things that might happen during a trip, it’s always better to be well protected than insurance

No matter what kind of insurance you end up getting, starting your trip off with a great luggage system is just as important. Try our Rise Gear luggage system before deciding on the right insurance coverage for you. Your clothes will thank you! Happy Travels.

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