As the last quarter of the year gets into full swing, it’s only natural that we start looking to the following year. Travel continued to become more and more popular thanks to social media and tons of digital information that makes easier than ever to get around. Whether you’re planning a winter getaway or a trip for next spring, summer or fall, there’s plenty to keep in mind with 2018 right around the corner. Here are just a few of the most important upcoming 2018 travel trends.


As the world continues to change more and more each day, travellers young and old and figuring out ways to change along with it for a good cause. It might not always be pretty, but sometimes these helping hands are needed in destinations all over the world and it’s causing a surge in voluntourism – travel with the goal of helping out in your new destination.

Extended Vacations

While this isn’t new by any means, it’s definitely becoming more and more possible for travellers to do this thanks to more flexible, remote and digital jobs. Staying in a destination longer means that you’ll get to truly experience it the way locals do, and it feels much more like a fully immersive experience than just a vacation. This will give you a much better understanding of each destination you visit by staying for a few weeks, or even a¬†few months to a year if you can.

Cruises for Millennials

When we think of cruises, we tend to think of an older set of travellers who like the laid-back and ready-made luxury of a large ship, but cruises are now starting to appeal to a younger crowd as well. With rooftop lounges, yoga, hot DJs and extreme sports once you dock, these new sea trips are so much more than just a cruise.

Far-Flung Fun

While visiting the big cities in any particular country is still a goal for many, others crave the complete disconnection that more remote locations bring. That being said, these tend to be very rural locations and travellers might still want some of the trappings of luxury while still enjoying being away from it all. Many places around the world and incorporating luxury into their most remote accommodations in order to give travellers the best of both worlds in a sense. There are hotels literally being built off the map in areas that are slightly tricky to get to.

See The World by Train

More and more, travellers are taking to land in order to get around. Trains offer a scenic alternative to flying. If might take some extra time, but it’s the perfect way to make your way around a city, country or region without having to spend a fortune for the comfort. Not to mention, the beautiful sights you’ll get to see up close that you miss when you’re in the sky.

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  1. Thanks for this post the travel trends you shared here will be trending in 2018 surely. I read your blog and I will love to go with your travel trend Voluntourism because it will give me the joy and satisfaction at the same time.

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