If there’s one thing about fall, it’s how enchanting it can be to watch the leaves change color. No matter where you go, you can enjoy the beauty of autumn in nearly any destination. From romantic getaways to educational trips, there are some places in this world that look better in the fall months! Film festivals and sightseeing fairs all over the world are held in the fall, and it’s regarded as a time of renewal for many. While some people look to escape the cooler weather by heading to warm destinations, there are lots of places that you can embrace cooling temperatures and great food, wine, film and art events along the way. Here are just a few of the best places to enjoy fall festivals no matter where you go!

In New York City

They say nothing tops summer in New York city but the fall months come pretty close. The city never truly sleeps, so there will still always be tons of things to see and do. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of the prime outdoor space to enjoy runs, walks or simply sitting and watching the world go by in amazing public spaces like Central Park in addition to amazing festivals like the Halloween Harvest at Luna Park, NYC Food and Wine Festival,  The New Yorker Festival and so much more.

Fall festivalsIn Paris, France

Much like any time of year, Paris is impressive during the fall. As the rush of summer tourists continues to wind down, Paris becomes quieter – easier to be enjoyed at one’s own pace. During this time, you’re able to experience Paris much more like a local might, with the city’s regular hustle and bustle slowing down to people’s day-to-day. The fall months also bring with it a plethora of amazing festivals including Journées du Patrimoine and Nuit Blanche.

In Charleston, South Carolina

This city is frequently voted as the best place to visit in America – and with good reason! It’s a stunning city with plenty of romance and intrigue attached to it. It has an amazing food scene that is very eclectic in addition to being heavily influenced by soulful American cuisine. With plenty of cobblestoned neighborhoods to work through, you can find all kinds of amazing rustic and historic structures that you can walk through and head to festivals and events such as Charleston Fashion Week and Lowcountry Oyster Festival to get a good sense of what Charleston is all about. This is one of the most beautiful places in America, and it’s even more beautiful in the fall months.

In Toronto, OntarioFall festivals

If there’s one thing this great Canadian city knows how to do, it’s having fun in cool and cold weather. Fall in Toronto is a pleasant break from the often sweltering summer temperatures. Not only that, but you will come across plenty great festivals to attend including the Toronto International Film Festival. This is the perfect time to get a taste of what the city is like while also engaging with art from all over the world!

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