If there’s anyone who knows all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to travel, it would be flight attendants! Taking to the skies day after day, they learn a thing or two about smart packing, avoiding jet lag, the right snacks to munch on and so much more. Many people learn how to make their trips easier by frequent travelling, and with sometimes multiple trips in a day nobody is more well-versed than flight attendants. Here are just a few of the very best flight attendant hacks.

Fix Your Body Clock

One of the worst things about travelling across time zones is the toll that it takes on your body. It helps to keep your body on your original local time to prevent jet lag, so you might even want to keep your devices set to their usual time zones if possible. If you’re going on flights that are particularly long, it’s suggested that you stay awake until 10 PM in the local time, and then get some sun first thing in the morning to reset!

Bring Sanitizer

We might not think about it, but planes are sometimes some of the most bacteria-infected places we can go. From recycled cabin air that can carry airborne germs to tray tables that might have been used to change diapers (seriously!), you never know what might be lingering around you. To stay on the safe side, bring sanitizer liquid or wipes so you can wipe down and disinfect the space around you. Bring it to the bathroom with you as well for the same reasons.

Stay Hydrated

Typically, the air on a flight is dry so it will be important to stay hydrated before you board. Drink a few ounces of water before you get on the plane. This is important so you don’t get dehydrated, but also be aware of how many trips you may have to make to the in-flight facilities!

Stay Warm With Water

Speaking of H2O, one great way to stay warm on a flight in the event that blankets and layered clothes from your carry-on aren’t enough is by holding onto a large bottle filled with hot water. Make it as warm as you can stand, and you can always ask a flight attendant to refill it with fresh hot water again once it starts to cool off. Depending on how long the flight is and where you’re flying to, this could be a life saver!

Get Ready To Nap

Taking a nap while you’re in the air can be tricky for some, but bringing along a few items every time you fly can make it much easier. Bring a neck pillow, noise cancelling headphones and even eye masks to block out the sights and sounds of what’s going on around you.

Get Up & Walk!

For long flights especially, it’s normal for your feet to feel a bit swollen or sore, so it’s suggested that you get up and walk the length of the flight cabin if you get a chance. This will help you keep the blood flowing instead of pooling at the base of your body. Not to mention, it will give you a chance to stretch out your legs if you don’t have the benefit of being in first class.

The last thing that any flight attendant will tell you is how important it is to have a great luggage system, so starting with Rise Gear is your best bet – your clothes will thank you. Happy Travels!

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