If there’s one amazing thing about New York City, it’s all of the different food options you’ll have available to you no matter where you go and when. New York is a foodie’s paradise, and it’s said that if you ate at a different New York City restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, it would take over 100 years to get through them all – and that’s not even counting to food trucks and pop-up vendors! This giant metropolis is home to plenty of different cultures and each come with their very own take on traditional classics both from their respective places of origin or American fare. No matter what kind of food you’re into, you’re bound to find something for you in New York City. Here are just some of the foods you need to try in the city that never sleeps!

King of Falafel & Shawarma

If there are two things New Yorkers love, it’s falafel and shawarma. You can get it all over this vast city, but true foodies know to get it from a King Cart usually surrounded by long line-ups. You can find the truck all over the city, particularly in Queens where it started popping up the most. Not only can you get amazing falafel and shawarma, you can also get full dinner plates with chicken, rice and more while you’re at it.

Milk Truck

This is the perfect place to get American comfort foods like grilled cheese sandwiches, mac & cheese and so much more. They might not be bound to one spot in the city, but the track actually a way to track its whereabouts via their official website. Whether you’re craving turkey chili or one of a few variations of the infamous grilled cheese,  this is the perfect place to try.

Lumpia Shack

If you’re looking for a bit of Filipino flavour, try these spring rolls from Lumpia Shack. Now with its own location in Brooklyn, there is still a food market stall that sees tons of foot traffic on the weekends. Made with ground pork, duck and mushrooms, the rolls are deep-fried to a flaky crisp and then topped off with some pretty amazing homemade sauce.

Solber Pupusas

This mobile restaurant serves up an amazing, fresh take on this Salvadorean favourite. Stuffed corn tortillas filled with various meats, potatoes and vegetables are served alongside jalapenos, sour cream and tomato sauce. To ramp up the authenticity, you can also order tamales served on banana leaves with a slaw on the side. The offerings are amazing, which is why it makes perfect sense that Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart are just two of its many fans. If you’re looking for bold South American flavour, look no further than Solber.

Breakfast cart bagels

New York City is known the world over for its bagels. You can go to nearly any cart in the city and get some authentic bagels and coffee. Found at nearly any subway exit during rush hour, you can also get any other kind of pastry you can imagine.

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