So you’ve decided to head to your dream destination or even just a quick trip to knock a City or country off of your bucket list. Congratulations! Searching for flights you notice a plethora of flight times you could depart and arrive at – depending of course on where you’re headed. While some travelers are morning people, others might not be. Still, there are plenty of pros and cons to leaving at many different times during the day, and it will be up to you to figure out the time that works best. There may not a universally  “perfect” time to travel, but there are definitely times they are great for their own reasons. Here are just a few of the best time to travel – and why!

Early Morning

This is tricky for a lot of people but it’s one of the best times to fly for a few reasons. The most obvious is that this will give you plenty of time to spend that same day in your destination. Even for a long flight, leaving early in the morning means you’ll get there at least within the same day or two – depending on the time zone you’re crossing into. You might have to wake up at the crack of dawn – or even a bit before – to make these flights but once you get to your destination, you’ll be glad you did!

best time of the dayMid-day

This might be a very busy time or a very slow time, depending on where you’re flying out of and where you’re headed. Lots of travelers pick around this time just due to the fact that they know they aren’t morning people or won’t have a ride that early and close to mid-day is their best bet. This makes last minute errands tricky, but you still can get them done if you plan it right!


Flying out in the afternoon has far more pros than cons. While the drawback might be that you won’t get to your destination later in the night if it’s more than a few hours away – the pros are plenty! For starters, you can sleep in. While you should still be awake at an early enough time to get ready, you don’t have to worry about getting up early enough to physically be at the airport at 9 or 10 AM to make sure you get there with enough buffer time for a midday flight. This also means that you’ll get to run any last minute errands you might have that you didn’t get to do in the days leading up to your trip. Once you get to the airport, everything you might possibly need for a trip will come with marked up costs, so being able to do that on your way to the airport will save you money in the long time of the day


Flying in the evening will make it easier to quickly get settled in your new destination. Arriving late at night presents you with two choices: take advantage of the hotel entertainment or local nightlife or get rest in order to be prepared for the next day. The latter would be especially important if you’re crossing time zones, as getting rest would do wonders for acclimating your body clock to the new rhythm.

Late Night/Red Eye

Ah, late nights! This is a great time to choose if you want to avoid the rush of the morning flights and the rush of the airport in general. Depending on how long the flight is and where you’re going, you may land at an otherwise quiet airport besides the flight you were just on. Making your way through customs will be a breeze and when you get out of the airport and into the city you’re there to visit – perhaps right at daybreak – you’ll be greeted with a calm destination just getting their day started.

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