Travelling is great for any time of the year, but there are definitely certain destinations that are perfect for specific seasons! As summer winds down into fall, you may have already set up some of your autumn travel plans already. If not, there are plenty of destinations that would make for the perfect getaway before winter gets under way. You can find last minute or off-season deals since this is the time of year school starts again for most people. The travel rush in most cities around the world is over, and the rush of the holidays has not yet begun – making fall the perfect season to try all of these new destinations. The most important thing to remember is all the savings you will likely come up on by travelling during these times of the year. Here are just a few of the best fall destinations!

New York City

There’s something special about the way the city that never sleeps looking during the fall. Like most of the world, leaves change colour making it beautiful for sightseeing and tons of photo ops! While summer in New York in unparalleled, the fall is pretty great too. At the very tail end of the summer, you’ll have events like New York Fashion Week, the start of major sports seasons and so much more.

The Dominican Republic

Like much of the Caribbean, the peak travel times are during the summer and winter months; jacking up prices throughout these seasons. The fall is the best time to head to warm and sunny destinations just due to the simple fact that you’ll save big on flights and hotels during this off-season. You’ll most likely be able to find plenty of last-minute deals at beautiful resorts all over the country.


Paris is another city that might be stunning during the summer, but chilly weather truly makes it shine. From public parks to beautiful bridges and of course the Eiffel tower, there are tons to explore if you have a warm sweater handy. Not to mention the beauty, but Paris is much less frantically busy in the fall. The summer months bring throngs of tourists from all over the world to its streets, making it hard to get around nevermind see much. In the fall, most have returned to “business as usual” in their respective home bases – including Parisians! This makes it the best time to explore the city and get a feel for what it’s like to experience the city like a local.

Las Vegas

There’s really no wrong time to visit Las Vegas, but more than anything else going in the fall months means you will be able to better enjoy all that the city has to offer. From amazing live shows to incredible shopping, it is always much easier to take advantage of these things when you’re not trying to get through millions of tourists at the same time.

No matter where you go, be sure to invest in and bring a great luggage system along for the ride. Your sweaters, boots and other fall essentials will thank you! Happy Travels!

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