There are many modes of transportation that exist all over the world but one of the most interesting just might be the streetcar. Not every city has them, but those that do have a combination of historic cars with vintage flair of futuristic cars that bring a modern edge to getting around – not to mention look cool in the process. Whether you rise then once or use that as the main way you get around a particular city, they make for cool photos just the same. Often times, they’re one of the most reliable and speedy ways to get around a city. Here are just a few of the world’s coolest streetcars.


World's Coolest StreetcarsQueen Streetcar | Toronto Canada

The 501 streetcar is one of Toronto’s most popular and is actually the longest streetcar line in the world. Starting through the city’s downtown core before ending in the beach neighborhood


George Benson Waterfront Streetcar | Seattle, Washington

These vintage streetcars are just as cool to look at as they are to get on. Imported from Australia, the interior is finished with beautiful woodwork that just adds to its rustic appeal. This streetcar goes all the way from Broad St. to the International District, but the ride is more than worth it.

St. Charles Streetcar | New Orleans, LouisianaWorld's Coolest Streetcars

One of the most iconic things about New Orleans is its streetcars, almost feeling like you’ve gone back in time. Heading into various districts in the city, it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get around. Take the St. Charles line for a cool tour that shows you key parts of the city that you won’t want to miss.

R1 Trams | Moscow, Russia

These teams might not have the vintage appeal as some of the other cities, but they have the spirit of innovation all throughout the modern design instead! These streetcars are new on the road and have on-board WiFi, air conditioning, changing music throughout the day and even anti-bacterial handrails.

Boat Trams | Blackpool, England

As a city full of historical charm, it only makes sense for the modes of transportation to be the same way. We might live in the 21st century, but these heritage trams add plenty of nostalgia to your travel experience. The famous “boat trams” have been on the road since the 1930s and are generally rented out for city celebrations and holidays.


World's Coolest StreetcarsPublic Trams | Hong Kong, China

It would be pretty difficult to move around this fast-paced city without the help of public transit, and Hong Kong is home to one of the world’s best. These streetcars are the only double-decker ones on the planet, and they have routes that run both short and long distances to places all over the island.

Budapest Tram | Budapest, Hungary

Using these streetcars – or trams – are more than commonplace in Hungary and there are miles of routes available for you to take. You can take the tram around the city’s Danube River, which is also one of the travel methods to get a look at the Parliament building.

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