When you travel, one of the best things you can do is try some of the local cuisines. While plenty of things are much more similar than we might expect, there are plenty of truly unique culinary experience to be had that can really give you an insight to just how eclectic a destination might be. This might not work for picky eaters, but those who aren’t afraid to mix it up and try new things can definitely have the time of their lives giving new kinds of foods, methods and tastes a try while they travel. Here are just a few of the world’s coolest dishes that you should try during your next trip.

coolest dishesTom Yum Soup | Thailand

As one of the country’s most common soups, this sour and spicy mix can be ordered nearly anywhere. Packed with an array of vegetables and most often seafood like shrimp, you can order a version that includes coconut milk, or doesn’t. Ultimately, it will be up to you which version appeals to you a bit more, but more options are equally delicious!

Moules Frites | Belgium

In the same ways that burgers and fries are commonplace in North America, order mussels and fries makes perfect sense all over Belgium. You can get all kinds of flavours as well, including steamed mussels that are more so on the plain side, or ones with some added curry flavour and so much more.

Biltong | South Africa

Dried, seasoned and cured meat like beef and ostrich makes for one of South Africa’s most popular snack foods. Comparable to jerky, you can eat it in strips, cubs and even in stews. It’s one of the most common snacks, so you’ll be able to find packaged and more artisanal versions all over the country.

Squeaky Cheese | Finland

If you’re a cheese lover, many destinations around Europe are the best places for you to go and Finland is no different. Known as “squeaky cheese”, it’s most commonly fried in a pan and served up with cloudberry jam as a dessert. Eaten with coffee, it’s easy to find in cafes all over Finland, but it’s extremely difficult to procure the cheese outside out the country – so get your fill while you’re here!

B’stilla | Moroccocoolest dishes

It would be hard to believe that this delicious dish is typically made with a peculiar ingredient: pigeon. Though there are plenty of other variations including chicken, quail or Cornish hen, the dish is popular in any form it’s in. Bringing together the savoury and the sweet, this pastry is baked with its meat filling and topped with cinnamon and sugar to make a dish that has the perfect balance of a variety of tastes.

Deep-Fried Olives | Italy

If Italy is known for anything, it’s deeply savoury foods. Olives are already something people largely associated with the Mediterranean, so it makes sense that the deep-fried version of it is a popular dish as well. From plain variations to ones stuffed with ground beef and prosciutto, you can get them from everywhere from street vendors to local eateries to get your fix.

No matter what foods you end up trying, start out with a great luggage system and you might have space to bring home packaged versions of these great food finds since they are designed for the modern traveller. Happy Travels!

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