On August 21st, a total solar eclipse is set to be visible in much of the United States and there are going to be some places that are better than others to take in all the action. It might only last a few minutes, but a solar eclipse of this magnitude hasn’t been seen since the early 20th century. With handfuls of locations that will have prime viewing of the event, some cities are even having parties and specially designated viewing areas so that you can enjoy the view with friends and family. If you’re not opposed to traveling to another city to get a better view, these American destinations are your best bet.

Boiler Bay, Oregon

If you head to Boiler Bay, you’ll be one of the first to catch a glimpse of the eclipse. There’s tons of parking at the designated viewpoint, but there will also be plenty of room to stand to watch it come in as well. Get here at 9:30 AM to get the full experience.

Salem, Oregon

There’s a viewing party here that is expecting thousands of people, but that shouldn’t stop you from joining in on the fun. At Salem Fairgrounds & Expo Center, you can experience it all shortly after 9:00 AM – particularly if you want to tour the Capitol tower as well.

Madras, Oregon

If you want to take a bit of a fancier approach to viewing the eclipse, take a helicopter from one end of Oregon to the next, all while enjoying an early morning glass of champagne. It’s a tad expensive for a group of six people at $5,999, but it will be more than work it to be in the sky while this happens.

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

What better place to watch a solar eclipse than from a national monument made from suspected moon crater leftovers? At the Craters Of The Moon Monument, you’ll be able to make the most of the experience and see the eclipse from one of the closest and most direct locations in the country. At around 11:30 AM, the eclipse will be in full swing for near 2 minutes.

Kelly, Kentucky

Kelly is a city known for its ties to astronomy as the site of alien sightings back in the 1950s. Eerily, these sightings fell on the same date the eclipse will be, so if you’re into spooky coincidences, try here! They even have an annual Little Green Men Festival that will be running during the same time as the eclipse that you could check out as well.

Long Creek, South Carolina

With a whole festival dedicated to the solar eclipse, there’s plenty to see and do while you’re waiting for the early afternoon show. From food trucks and distillery tours as well as music and learning even more about astronomy throughout the day, around 2:30 PM is when you’ll be able to see the eclipse in its fullest form.

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