No matter what city you travel to, you’ll be able to visit one of the many art museums that do an excellent job of capturing the local culture in a visual way. It truly depends on what kind of art you like personally, but there’s a lot of history that can be learned from any of these incredible art museums. Here are just a few around the world you have to see to believe.

Art MuseumsThe Louvre | Paris, France

The Louvre might just be the world’s most iconic art museum, home to plenty of the world’s most well-known classics including the Mona Lisa. Some of the most famous and impressive art can be found here, and it’s an absolute must-see no matter how much about art you know! You’ll be able to look at over 35,000 pieces (most likely not in one day!) of art from ancient times all the way up to the 19th century.

MOCA Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for the perfect place to see contemporary art in California, look no further than the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art, more affectionately known as the MOCA. It has thousands of pieces of some of the country’s most innovative works, as well as pieces from Europe and the rest of the work. This is actually one of the most groundbreaking museums and has done plenty to influence others like it around the world.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome | Rome, Italy

Since 1999, this double-space museum is actually housed in a former slaughter house as well as an old brewery. Some of the biggest names in Italian art can be found all over the spaces, as well as works from international artists as well. The large size of the collection is the reason why a second venue was added in 2010.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo | Tokyo, JapanArt Museums

Tokyo is already a city known for its love of art, so this location filled with Japanese and international artists makes perfect sense. Over 5000 piece of contemporary take up 2 floors of the gallery and make excellent used of the high ceilings and even features a sunken garden outside.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

This museum is much unlike many of the other ones in Paris, in that it’s focused on urban and graffiti art. It might be a location in the Museum Of Modern Art of the City of Paris, but it has a life all its own in the venue’s eastern wing. It’s one of the biggest venues in Europe and has thousands of pieces on display for those who love art that you may not typically see in gallery spaces and museums.

Museum of Modern Art | San Francisco

Art MuseumsAs one of the very first museums dedicated to contemporary art, it’s also one of the region’s best. It’s full of thousands of works and strives to only show the most innovative pieces within its walls. From established and beloved artists to emerging talent, you’ll be able to find it all here. In its main gallery, they show a handful of exhibitions yearly based on various themes and methods. The museum was actually one of the first to include film and photography in art spaces, and also focused on design and architecture as well.

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