Summer is the perfect time of year to head to some of the world’s amusement parks. Whether you’re there for the rides or the food, amusement parks all over the globe are some of the most family friendly attractions in any destination. When you’re visiting with your family along for the ride, finding an activity that works for everyone can be extremely tricky. With amusement parks, it’s easier than ever to keep everyone engaged no matter what they’re into. Here are just a few of the world’s best amusement parks

La Ronde | Montreal, QC

As one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, there’s plenty of old-world flair here not to mention all the fun to be had. It’s one of the last parks in North America to still have mostly wooden roller coasters. While that might be alarming to some, there haven’t been any recorded mishaps here in decades. If you’re looking for an amusement park that feels as historic as it does fun, try here.

Cedar Point | Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Point is known as the “roller coaster capital of the world” and an adrenaline junkie’s dream, it boasts 17 coasters that will have you screaming all day long. It might be the perfect place to bring kids and families, but there’s more than enough to keep adults having fun too.

Tivoli Gardens | Copenhagen, Denmark

As one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, it’s been in operation since 1843. Both tourists and locals flock to the grounds, filled with both vintage attractions and up-to-date fun. For a more old-world feel, try wooden coasts like the original Rutschebanen – the best in the park!

Knoebels | Elysburg, Pennsylvania

This is yet another old-school amusement park with plenty of wood coasters and so much more. Not only that, it’s free to get in and rides are fairly cheap! Between food, swimming, games and rides, you can easily stay under $50 per person here.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney name is synonymous with fun and magic, so it makes perfect sense for this to be here! There are endless themed rides based on some of the most beloved Disney films and characters, as well as plenty of live characters around the park for the perfect photo op.


Efteling Park | Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

No matter the time of year, this is one of the best amusement parks to visit. Every year, round 4.6 million visitors come for the park’s many rides. Try the baron 1898 coaster if you’re brave enough to drop down a 123-foot mineshaft at full speed.

Beto Carrero World | Penha, Brazil

As the largest theme park in Latin America, this 3,500 ace park is also the busiest! With bright, vibrant colours throughout the park, it looks like fun before you even get to any of the rides and attractions. Try the Chicote de Fogo – though be warned that it’s not for the faint of heart! For action movie lovers, you can even see a Fast & The Furious-inspired car stunt show on the grounds.

Knotts Berry Farm | Buena Park, California

Before it was one of the most popular amusement parks in the country, it was the site of Knotts Berry Jam production. The family turned it into a park in in 1920, and since then it’s been the perfect place for thrillseekers to try a variety of nostalgic rides and a full water park for the whole family to enjoy.

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