No matter where you go in the world,  you’ll have access to a whole new set of food options than what’s available in your home town. For all the culinary delights that exist around the world, you can sometimes get some pretty incredible food without even having to leave the air terminal. Airport eateries are sometimes the first place we get to experience the food of a particular region, or it might be an amazing fusion from other parts of the world. Either way, airports are home to restaurants with some of the most delicious menus, world renowned chefs and plenty of awards to back them up. Here are just a few of the world’s best airport restaurants.

Plane Food by Gordon R | London Heathrow, Terminal 5

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay opened his very first airport restaurant at London Heathrow, and it might be a good idea to book a reservation beforehand! British classics like pea and bean risotto, toffee pudding and more fill this menu, and if you’re in a rush you can order from the Plane Fast menu, which lays out how long each meal is set to take to be served along with 35-minute options with three courses!

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Legal Sea Foods | Boston Logan International Airport, Terminal A, B and C

In the middle of the Boston Airport, you’ll find this amazing seafood eatery that brings together all of the local New England favorites; including Clam Chowder and so much more. Open since 1981, they also serve up dishes like Fish & Chips and Cape Cod oysters. You can guarantee that the food here is served fresh, as the eatery’s slogan is “if it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal”; left over from the days the restaurant began as a fish market in the 1950s.

Imperial Treasure | Changi Airport, Singapore, Crowne Plaza hotel

With an extensive Cantonese menu including fresh fish and deep fried prawns covered in wasabi, the hotel it’s inside is hard to miss. Not only is this one of the most delicious airport restaurants you’ll ever eat in, but also one of the most beautiful. You’ll see courtyards and even rainforest-type gardens throughout this airport-connected hotel.

Tortas Frontera | Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 1, 3 & 5

For some authentic Mexican eats, look no further than Tortas Frontera. With an array of Mexican sandwiches on the menu, you can also get guacamole bars with salsa as well egg & chorizo and so much more. This location is perfect for early morning flights, as their breakfast options are superb.airport restaurants

Le Chef | Cointrin International Airport, Geneva

This bright and airy airport restaurant lets you choose from a few places you get an up close & personal view of the nearby Jura mountains. With amazing dishes like squid ink spaghetti, roasted lamb, and even octopus, Le Chef is sure to keep your palate intrigued. You can also indulge your senses in a variety of French and Swiss cheeses, as well as lava cake full of some of the rich chocolate Switzerland is known for.

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