When you travel, one of your biggest expenses is naturally going to be your accommodations. Most people’s first travel experiences involve hotels, but there are so much more options on the market than that. No matter what your budget is, there are tons of ways that you can stay in nearly any destination around the world. You might choose a particular option for budget reasons, while another might be for the convenience and another might just be a quirky and interesting place to stay. In any event, these are just a few of the top hotel alternatives there are out there. It might not come with room services, but there are plenty of other great features to each of these options for top hotel alternatives.


If your travel plans lean more towards the “backpack” side of things, a hostel is a great option for you. This is great for travellers that are on a budget, no matter where you’re going. From shared dorm-style rooms to private spaces, the cost will still be much lower than the cheapest hotel.

Room Rentals

Depending on what your trip might be like, you might not even need that much space to stay in during your travels. If you’re travelling on your own, a simple but safe room might be more than enough to get you through a week or two in another country. Try websites like Airbnb.com or Homestay.com to search for rooms and private studios for low rates and unique access to less “touristy”, hotel-filled parts of the place you’re visiting. If the hosts are in the location during your stay, they can give you the inside scoop about the area, town or city you wouldn’t otherwise get from hotel staff.


This can only work in very specific destinations, but sleeping under the stars is always an option that’s available to you. If you enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind getting up close & personal with nature, this is a great way to go. While bonfires and fireside meals usually come to mind, you can try cabins or luxury tents if you still want some of the trappings of urban life.


Somewhat like room rentals, you can rent just a couch to stay on – seriously! Often times found for dirt cheap or free, you can literally couch surf your way around the world and meet interesting locals along the way. Try websites like CouchSurfing.com, where hosts have to be background checked and are generally trustworthy.

Vacation Rentals

No matter where you want to go, there’s likely a vacation rental there for you to take advantage of. From Spanish villas to Miami apartments, you can rent out an entire space for just yourself or a large group you’re travelling with. Having your own kitchen where you’re staying will also allow you to save money on going out to eat every day. Besides, what better way to get in touch with the culture than to cook dishes with local ingredients and spices (and a little help from some online recipes!)

Bed & Breakfast

One of the most quaint places you can stay is a bed & breakfast. Generally speaking, these rooms are large and comfy and though you might have to share a bathroom with a few other rooms, you might be the only one on the floor during your stay if you’re lucky. Not only that, the breakfast served is generally heartier than most hotel buffets since it’s the only meal they have to provide.

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