When it comes to choosing a hotel, many people focus on the basics – the prices, the rooms being of a particular size, the location, and the star rating. Beyond that, there are other features that are quite important but travellers¬†don’t often consider until they really need it – and wish they had it. Everyone is different, so some things are extras that many can truly do without. But if you have any inkling that you might need any of these things, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for them no matter where in the world you’re travelling to. Of course, it will take a bit of research on your part to figure out what hotels have which amenities, so it’s important to do your due diligence and make sure you get all the extras and features you might want and need from your accommodations. Here are just a few hotel amenities that people often overlook.


It might no occur to you to do laundry when you’re meant to relaxing, but it just might come in great handy if you need to clean up a spill or run out of outfits on your trip. Being able to go to a facility on your own and wash a few items without having to do it by hand or rely on dry cleaning or room service might be a lifesaver, so think about that particularly if you’re staying in your destination for a week or more. You’re more likely to bring more clothes with you so it will be important to have a place you can wash them if need be.


A sauna is an excellent way to relax in lieu of a full spa in your hotel. Even if it’s just to unwind after a long flight, a sauna is a wonderful way to work out these kinks before you continue on with the rest of your trip. Do

Business Center

Just because you aren’t exactly on a business trip, doesn’t mean a business center won’t be handy! With the rise of trips that are a blend or both business and pleasure – particularly if you’re an entrepreneur¬†– having a place to do work or have meetings that aren’t your hotel room, lobby or expensive restaurant is so much more convenient than having to scramble for a place at the last minute.

Fitness Center

While going for a jog or run outside your hotel is one great way to stay in shape, if you’re accustomed to using a gym, it’s always a bonus to have one in the hotel you’re staying at. Whether you only use it once or every day that you’re there, it’s a great feature to have so you at least have the option. Besides that, you might be stuck doing cardio in your hotel room, running in the rain or skipping your workout altogether due to the inconvenience.

On-Site Restaurant Or Bar

You may have picked a hotel close to many great eating options, but there might be a night in your new destination when leaving the hotel is the last thing you want to do. Whether you had a particularly long day exploring or there’s bad weather outside you would rather avoid, being able to head down to a restaurant on-site is very convenient. Room service is always a great solution, but limited options and premium costs can add up quickly.

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