When you travel, it will obviously be important for you to keep your items safe and sound so you don’t have to worry about returning home without some of the items you brought with you. No matter where you’re headed, there are always going to be tips and tricks that can help you ensure that you return with everything you left with. These are just some of the best ways to keep your items safe.

Be Vigilant

More than anything else, it will be imperative that you stay vigilant about your items. This means paying close attention to what’s going on around you and even taking a hands-on approach and keeping your things close to you and touching you. Often times when we’re not paying attention, it can be possible to have something taken from you without you even noticing. Keeping your things close to you does plenty to get around that kind of speed and agility so you’re not left with on bag short of what you started your trip with.

It’s In The Details

No matter what kind of luggage you buy, you’re going to be able to use locks, zippers, compartments at your disposal. Use them! These details were included in the luggage design for a reason, so your best bet is to use them as much as you can, particularly the locks on your bag.

Get Creative

There are going to be times during your trip that you’re not going to be able to have your items on hand for whatever reason, so you’re going to have to come up with new ways to keep your stuff safe in lieu of this. This includes turning your bags backward and upside down while in the overhead bin or making use of multiple locks. All of these things are actions that can greatly deter people from attempting to tamper with your luggage when it’s not within arm’s reach.

Tag It

Once you check your luggage if you do, there can sometimes be a bit of uncertainty when it comes time for it to come back. One great way to make sure that your items don’t get stuck or lost anywhere is making sure it’s tagged in some with your name, address and other contact information. This will make your bag that much easier to locate in the event that you are separated from your bags for any reason at all.

When In Doubt, Go Lighter.

One excellent solution to the problem of misplacing or being separated from your checked luggage is simply to pack using only your carry-on bag with you to get you through your trip. It might a bit tricky for some, but it’s worth a shot to try to fit a week’s worth of clothes into a carry-on bag to bring with you onto the flight instead of packing it all into a larger piece of luggage to be checked. There are plenty of ways to pack using just a carry-on, so it will fit with you on the flight and you can keep an eye on it.

Above all, you’ll especially want to keep your bags safe if they include great pieces like Rise Gear luggage; designed with the modern traveller in mind. Happy Travels!

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