Austin, Texas

The great thing Austin is the fact that it’s a music lover’s paradise, making it a great destination for your summer plans. There’s plenty of fun, cool and affordable live events going on around the city like Austin City Limits. Popular festival SXSW might be March, but by the time summer rolls around there will still be plenty left to do.

Havana, Cuba

You might think of heading to Cuba as a winter getaway but there’s plenty of reason why you should head there during the exciting summer months, especially to Havana – the capital. From live music on every corner to plenty of concerts, festivals and of courses nearby beaches, this is one of the best places you could possibly visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

You don’t have to love the casino or the club to go to Las Vegas – but it definitely helps. The mecca of nightlife can be found here, but you can also find plenty of live shows, lounges, cool museums and tons of shopping in the city as well. Don’t shy away from staying in amazing hotels while you’re here either!

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a great city to visit during the summer, if not just for the festivals but te food, art, and architecture! There are over 90 festivals in the city throughout the year, but some of the biggest, like the Montreal Jazz Festival in June, is right in the middle of the summer months. Also in June is Carifiesta, a city-wide celebration of Caribbean culture. No matter what you’re looing for, you’ll likely find something to interest you while you’re in the city.

Palm Springs, California

Known the world over for its many spaces, visitors can see so much more of this amazing city, particularly in the summer time. Come for a plethora of music and food festivals, as well as more permanent galleries and spaces like the Palm Springs Art Museum. You can also head to toe Living Desert Zoo & Gardens to see the very best in wildlife and animals. If a slower pace is more your thing, try the Moorten Botanical Gardens or even nature hiking in and around Mt. San Jacinto State Park.

Tulum, Mexico

As one of the most historically rich places in Mexico, it brings beautiful beaches together with ruins left from the Mayan empire sitting close to the coast. After visiting the ruins, you can also go cave diving or snorkeling. Mexico is home to some of the best food on the planet so it won’t be a problem finding authentic dishes while you’re here. Try locations such as¬†Taqueria Honorio, a popular restaurant that actually started out as a street stall!

Regardless of what destination you end up going to, start your trip off right with Rise Gear luggage – perfect for the modern traveller. Happy Travels!