All over the world, there are folklore tales about the most haunted places to visit. From ancient stories to ones from the 1900s, there are plenty of places that are definitely not for the faint of heart.  But what about when those places are locales that you can not only visit, but spend the night? Here are just a few of the world’s most haunted hotels – according to popular legend of course!

Stanley Hotel | Estes Park, CO

This hotel has been up since 1909 but only started reporting any real strange activity in the 1970s, and the story goes that the hotel’s owners are the most popular guests and can usually be seen in the Music Room and Billiards Room.  It’s also the hotel on which horror writer Stephen King based his novel The Shining – having stayed there himself in the 1970s. You can take advantage of ghost tours, a psychic on-site and much more. For some life imitates art-type creepiness, there’s a mini tree maze outside the property like in the movie based on the King novel, and even TVs that play the film on a continuous loop throughout the building.

The Marshall House | Savannah, GA

As one of the most haunted cities in America, it should be no surprise that this hotel has been spooking guests for over 100 years. Built in 1851, there are 68 rooms that were once used to accommodate Civil War sold, and their spirits are said to still be walking the hallways. As one of the oldest hotels in the area, it has served as a hospital a handful of times as well. Human remains have been found under floorboards due to harsh winters of yesteryear when frozen ground prevented anything from being buried. Creepy stuff indeed.


Hotel Provincial | New Orleans, LA

Located in the historic French Quarter, this two-story hotel is located right in the middle of another one of the most haunted cities in America. It’s said the spirits of confederate soldiers are still lingering about thanks to the hotel’s stint as a medical center at different points in time. Ghost sightings, opening and closing doors, flickering lights and even pools of blood have all been reported at this hotel. Yikes.

Ballygally Castle | Northern Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the world’s oldest castles with plenty of spooky history, this just happens to be one that you can stay at. Ballygally Castle located in Northern Ireland has a creepy tale of the original owners’ wife Lady Isabella jumping or falling to her death from the castle’s peak. It’s said that her ghost walks around the castle knocking on doors, and is generally pretty friendly. You can even stay in the designated Ghost Room, located in the oldest part of the castle if you’re feeling particularly brave.

Nottingham Road Hotel | Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

There is an old legend of a woman who used to frequent this hotel who, after learning about her lover’s death, threw herself off the balcony of one of the rooms. Morbid as that may be, the ghost that remains is pretty friendly and helpful – rearranging flowers and even folding the clothes of guests who stay at the hotel.

Russell Hotel | Sydney, Australia

In a neighbourhood of Sydney once known as The Rocks, this hotel has a pretty dark stories within its walls. The main one is about a sailor from Colonial times who ended up never made it back out to sea. Now, he lurks through the hallways and rooms but seems to always turn up in Room #8.

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