One of the best things about traveling to a new place is learning the culture, the customs and the food of this new location. During your travels, you might come across a dish or a flavour that you become enamoured with! You might eat it every day of your trip and even day dream about it when you get home but you can’t quite seem to recreate it. Whether it’s Jamaican Jerk Pork, Filipino Chicken Adobo or authentic Pad Thai, there’s always ways to bring the tastes of your trips with you and enjoy your favourite travel meals at home!

Find Local Restaurantsfavourite travel meals

In most major cities around the world, you’ll be able to find eateries of every cuisine from around the world. Depending on the city, some types might be much easier to find than others, but don’t hesitate to search online for some of the most authentic spots your city has to offer. You can always start by looking for a specific dish and go from there. Most often, you’re likely to find the most authentic foods from stand-alone, independently-owned locations than large scale chains so try to stick to those.

Bring Spices Home

If trying to make the dishes at home is more your speed, another great way to get started is by bringing spices home from the destination itself. This is much easier with dry spices than say, sauces but making a grocery run is always a good idea. If you’re at a resort, be sure to try to make it into town to make these purchases so you’re not buying them at inflated prices in or close to the hotel or resort area! Leave a little extra room in you checked luggage for this, but make sure it doesn’t fall under the kinds of restricted material you’re typically not allowed to enter your own country with.

Get A Lesson

If you can, find ways to get a cooking lesson from someone who knows the perfect way to make the dish you love. It might be offered at your resort, or check online for local classes either while you’re still in your destination or when you’re back at home. This can be a very exciting and fun experience, and often times learning how to cook a particular dish can give you plenty of insight into the culture of a destination – in more ways than just eating and enjoying the dish ever could!

Look For Recipes

All over the internet, there are recipes for many of the dishes you might have discovered and fallen in love with while you were on your trip. Do a search for the dish you’re looking to make and find not only those instructions, but recipes for other dishes of the same cuisine most likely on the same website. This is also why it’s important to bring authentic spices with you! Cooking these meals, it’s often very specific in the kinds of spices and seasoning you’re able to use – even down to the brand. Try your best to stick to them without many substitutions (except for allergies of course) and go form there!

No matter just how you plan on enjoying your favourite travel meals when you get home, making a little bit of extra room in your luggage to accommodate is easier when you have quality luggage like ┬áRise Gear – designed for the modern traveller. Happy Travels!

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