People travel for all kinds of reasons, and some are more common than others. Every traveller’s individual bucket list is going to look different when it comes to seeing the world, so here are just a few of the less common and more unconventional reasons people travel!

Reasons People TravelOne Specific Attraction

Typically when most people travel, they have a few places in mind that they want to see during their time there. In any given city or town, there are always a handful of things to see and do, but some travellers are only focused on one. Whether it’s a particular art gallery, museum, library or even restaurant that has been on their bucket list for years, people travel the world just to get up close & personal with the Austrian National Library or Machu Picchu in Peru.


For any interest you might have, there’s probably a retreat or gathering designed just for you and other travellers who are into the same thing. Yoga retreats are a popular getaway for those interested in improving their skills and connecting with nature in various locations around the world like India – the art’s birthplace. Retreats typically happen in and around areas with plenty of outdoor space, so you’re not cooped up in a hotel or guest house the entire time you’re there. Not only do you get to indulge in whatever your interest is – writing, film and general fitness are also popular retreats – but you get to connect with likeminded people who are on the same journey as you.

Body Art

You can get tattoos and piercings nearly anywhere, but there are traditional methods in places like South East Asia and the Pacific Islands that reflect the culture of these very places. It’s important to think long & hard about doing any type of body modification abroad, since health & safety concerns are different everywhere you go. Still, it’s an incredible experience that brings you much closer to the meaning of your tattoo or other body art beyond simply mimicking the style in your home city. In the Philippines, for example, there is a style of tattooing mainly performed in the mountaintop village of Buscalan. With only one surviving artist who knows the art-form, it’s become a hot bed for young tourists looking to be etched forever in traditional warrior body art.

Exclusive & Collector ShoppingReasons People Travel

You can find shopping anywhere in the world but there are some brands and products that you’re only going to be able to find in one particular place. Everything from shoes to one of a kind vintage items can be tracked down to a handful of regions and cities, and people travel in search of them all the time. Sneaker aficionados often travel to Japan to get up close & personal with limited release shoes that they won’t be able to find or have shipped to North America. Think about the kinds of goodies you want to bring back with you and keep some extra space in your Rise Gear luggage so it can all fit for the trip home!

No matter where you end up going and why, having a great bag with you like our Rise Gear luggage will always be a good place to start. Your clothes will thank you. Happy Travels!

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