With the springtime just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about summer travel plans if you haven’t planned them already! Just like any time of the year, there are new developments and changes that will shape the travel industry for a few months at a time and this summer is no different. You might have all of your trips planned out already, but you’ll definitely still notice many of these trends in action over the summer months. Here are just a few of the next summer 2017 travel trends!

Summer 2017 Travel TrendsInstagram Slideshows

Where you once had to post several images from your trip and hope your best one beats out Instagram’s non-chronological algorithm, now you can combine a bunch of your favourite vacation images into one post. Recently, Instagram has rolled out an update that allows you to add up to 10 images per post of all your favourite beachside, mountaintop or cityscape snapshots. Another suggestion? Take one amazing panoramic shot and share it between the slides!

Music To Go

While making a roadtrip mix is nowhere near a new concept, apps that bring you fresh new music to go along with your travels is something you just can’t beat. Apps like Apple music will always curate collections you’re likely to love based on your chosen tastes, while apps like Noon Pacific gives you a brand new playlist every Monday at 12PM so you’ll always have the latest and greatest for your next trip.

Water On Water Pools

This might seem a bit redundant to some, but there exists pools that actually sit on bodies of water like oceans, seas and lakes for those who enjoy luxury and a fantastic view. While not a new concept by any means, these spots are becoming more and more popular as images of these surreal locations make the rounds on social media. Try Italy’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo whose heated pool floats across Lake Como. Talk about a view!

Bleisure Trips

They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but travellers in 2017 have definitely missed that memo! Now, going on a “work trip” can also encompass a little bit of R&R and exploration as well. Too often have people passed through cities without seeing any of the sights because they were stuck in board meetings all day. Now, many companies are turning business trips into incentives; allowing employees to bring family or friends and even extend trips so they can get a little but more familiar with the local culture.

Summer 2017 Travel TrendsGoing It Alone

With more online access than ever before, being your own travel agent is so much easier. It’s become commonplace to find the kinds of travel experiences that people crave thanks to the plethora of free tools within reach of the everyday person. From websites and apps that allow us to see fluctuating flight prices to booking hotels or guest houses with tons of great reviews and finding an event calendar so you’re never bored once you’re at your destination, there’s not much about your itinerary that you can’t plan yourself. There are some more niche trips and tours that might require the planning expertise of a professional, but besides that the world is much more accessible to anyone who goes looking; and the extra expense of a travel agent is less required than before.

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