For the more environmentally friendly traveller, trip planning can be just a little bit trickier than for most people. It should go without saying that there are plenty of issues that naturally come along with travel that might pose a problem, but as with most things; there’s an app for that! For those who are interested in responsible tourism, there are plenty of digital mobile tools and platforms that can help you out. From finding the perfect vegan restaurant to finding out how large of a carbon footprint you’re leaving with your trip and how you can offset it, there’s something for everyone and everything. Here are some of the most popular apps for responsible tourism

Apps For Responsible TourismCarbon Emissions Calculator

Obviously, an aircraft is bound to create plenty of emissions and while wait for a flight option without oil or fuel to be developed one day, it’s important to be conscious about the kind of damage to the environment this might be causing. All hope isn’t lost though! There are always ways to counteract these emissions with better habits n order to lessen you carbon footprint. This handy calculator lets you figure out just how much carbon emissions are being created by all your travelling, and helps you understand how you can offset it in your day to day habits during your trip and beyond.

Tree Planet

What better way to get you to be conscious about the environment than with a game!The game itself is pretty simple and quite engaging, as the the premise involved protecting a baby tree from attack. Tree Planet essentially lets you plant trees anywhere in the world, with the proceeds of the game end up going to real life reforestation to protect and replace trees all over the world!


All over the world, you’re going to come across all kinds of plant life and might not be too sure what it is. It’s always good to know what you’re looking at, in case you might want to get some of the same plant or flower when you get back home so you always have a piece of your trip with you! This app recognizes different plant types around you, allowing you take a picture and send for identification by an expert. You can also enter basic information about the plant and look through a large and comprehensive database in order to find it quicker.

Happy Cow

Travelling with diet restrictions can be tricky at times depending on where you’re headed. Some cuisines are based heavily or almost entirely on meat and animal by-products, so finding somewhere to eat when you can’t consume either one can prove difficult. With Happy Cow, you can search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants worldwide; whether it’s a restaurant that only serves vegetable-based dishes or just a place with extensive meatless options. The app will also let you know how far the locations are from you so you’ll know which ones are close by.Apps For Responsible Tourism


Sometimes staying at different hotels, you might take notice of just how wasteful they might be. If responsible tourism is a concept that matters to you, where you stay should be an important factor in ensuring that your trip is as “green” as possible. Hotels all over the globe are starting to take environmentalism much more serious, so this helpful app helps you find which ones those are. Use this app to check the certifications of the hotels you had in mind in order to see how green your stay really!

No matter what app you end up using, the first part of any responsible trip is having long-lasting luggage made from quality materials like our Rise Gear luggage system; designed for the modern traveller. Happy Travels!



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