amazing sea cavesIf there’s any natural phenomenon that’s as beautiful as it is fascinating, it’s sea and beach caves that bring water and land together in stunning ways. Created over hundreds and thousands of years by water and wind erosion, these unique spaces can sometimes be trick or even dangerous to get to but more than worth it for their otherworldly look on the inside.

Here are just a few of some of the world’s most amazing sea caves that you might want to try to make your way over to in the near future.

Neptune’s Grotto, Alghero, Italy

At this cave’s entrance, you’ll already be about a meter above sea level and at the base of the nearby Capo Caccia cliffs. The water here is very calm, and it takes quite a bit to get down to the cave itself. The public can only access the first couple hundred meters of the cave, accessed by 600 steps that have been carved into the cliff wall.

Apostle Island Sea Caves, Wisconsin, USA

The caves at Apostle Island are a few of the world’s most beautiful. It might be on a lake, but the caves are still some of the most stunning no matter the time of year. In winter months, the lake freezes and the inside of the cave becomes covered with millions of tiny icicles throughout the chambers. As the weather changes throughout the season, different changes will look different from day to day, but all its variations are just as breathtaking as the others.


Great Blue Hole, Belize City, Belize

This cave is thought of as one of the best diving locations in the world, and with excellent reason. This amazing cave can only be reached by diving and swimming towards the oxygen-free caverns with plenty of tropical fish and underwater plant life to see and explore through its 400-foot-deep space.

Waiahuakua Cave, Kauai, Hawaii

As the 2nd largest cave in the world, Waiahuakua Cave clocks in at 1155 feet and is only accessible by water. There are plenty of unusual but truly amazing features, such as a cathedral room and even a giant rock that looks like a Hippopotamus. There is also a break in the cave’s ceiling that lets in a waterfall and in the summer months light passes through the same space to beautifully light up the inside of the cave and the waterfall as it cascades down.


Cathedral Cove Sea Cave, Coromandel, New Zealand

Not just one sea cave, you can find 5 of them in Cathedral Cove; some of which are considered to be the world’s longest. Only accessible for 2 hours a day while the tides are low, it’s an extremely popular attractions in this area of New Zealand. these caves aren’t for the feint of heart though, as they’re completely dark inside other than the use of your own flashlight in order to see and get around. When you’re down here, you also might come across seals, blue penguins and other wildlife while in the depths of the cave.


All of these amazing sea caves make for excellent places to dive, but it’s important that you do your research and ensure you’re taking all necessary safety precautions before taking the plunge! No matter which sea save you end up going it, being well-prepared is always important. Keep all your deep-sea diving gear safe in one of our Rise Gear bags and see the difference that a high quality luggage system makes. Your equipment and clothes will thank you! Happy Travels!

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