pexels-photo-111117Visiting a country to see the a famous bridge might not sound like a good reason to go on a trip, but for many people it is. There are landmarks all over the world that, before we ever get there, are ubiquitous and take over our imaginations until we finally get to see it. It’s always important to check as many things off your bucket list in your travels as you can, and planning to see a specific bridge is definitely on the list for many. No matter what corner of the earth you’re ready to travel to in order to see them, it ends up being more than worth it once you do. Here are just a few of the world’s most breathtaking bridges.

Brookyln Bridge

Having been open since 1883, it’s long been a New York City icon. Linked lower Manhattan to Brooklyn by way of the East River, it’s one of the oldest in America Daily, about 4000 people walk over it in addition to the 120,000 vehicles that cross it.

Tower Bridge

This London landmark has Gothic-style architecture that combines a suspension bridge with a bascule style. There’s plenty of uses for the bridge as well, as the roadways open up to allow passing ships to sail below. In the bridge’s North Tower, there’s a lounges and walkways that allow visitors to have a beautiful view of the city.

Zubrizuri Bridge

This bridge stretches far across the Nervion River in Spain, bringing together the banks of Campo Volantin and Uribitarte. It opened in 1997 and features a deck made from glass that actually lights up at night. You can also use this bridge to get to the Guggenheim Museum close by!

Tsing Ma Bridge – Hong Kong, China

At over 1.3 miles, it’s the world’s longest suspension bridge and acts as a connecting element between Hong Kong and Lantau Island, whose official names (Tsing Yi and Ma Wan) contributed to the name itself.

Juscelino Kubitscheck Bridge – Brasília, Brazil

This 3900 foot landmark stretches over Lake Panora, with commanding 200-foot silver arches that do wonders for emphasizing the amazing sunset views. Also known as JK bridge, it’s the recipient of quite a few architectural design awards since it opened in 2002.

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Across the Grand Canal you’ll find the Rialto Bridge with 3 walkways on it. It’s been open since 1591, so it’s a truly historic gem in the city and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Here, you can enjoy the waterfront views and also nearby shops at the end of one of the walkways that feature jewelry, linens and so much more.pexels-photo-128362

Helix Bridge – Marina Bay, Singapore

Many call this bridge the DNA bridge due to the spiral tubes surrounding it that create a double helix effect on the bridge. Opening in 2010, it’s actually the world’s very first curve bridge. With beautiful light displays that create a beautiful display over Marina Bay, this is a great place to see amazing views of the skyline.

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