Travel Bucket ListThe great thing about travel bucket lists is that everyone’s is totally and completely different, so no two lists will ever look the same. The cities and countries on the lists will vary, but the goal is always the same: to see as many of them as possible! When making your list, it’s important to think about the reasons why you want to travel, and this will help you figure out where you should go next if you’re stuck for ideas. Once you’ve travelled a lot of finished one bucket list, creating a new one might be a bit trickier. The start of a new year is a good time to create a brand new list for yourself, or at least make some changes to a list you might have already. Here are just a few tips on making the perfect 2017 travel bucket list.

Where Have You Been Already?

Thinking about where you’ve been already will be a great help in figuring out where you should go next. Think back to the trips you’ve loved most, what you loved about them and then think about other places in the world that might give you that same feeling or a similar experience. Don’t hesitate to return to a previous destination if you loved it that much. Seeing the world is just as much about enjoying the places you love more than once just a much as seeing many different places in a short amount of time.

What Do You Want To Learn?

Every new place that you go, you learn something new. It might be a language, a cooking style or bits of history, but there’s always plenty to see and take in when you head to a new destination. When we travel, we usually have a few goals we want to meet that includes things we want to learn about the place we’re going to. Think about the kinds of information you hop to gather about the world and about yourself so you have a much easier time deciding where you should go.Travel Bucket List

Do You Need To Relax Or Explore?

Trips are taken for different reasons, and sometimes it’s a combination of multiple ones. Depending on your mood, you might want the relaxing sunny atmosphere or a beach or waterfront destination. Think about how important it might for you to unwind at various points throughout the year and decide where the best places might be to do that. There are also other destinations where downtime might be possible, but it’s not what they’re known for. Think Vegas or Brazil, where exploring the sights and sounds would probably take a bit of precedence over R&R. There are plenty of places where you can do both, but there are definitely places where you’ll be doing a bit more of one than the other!

What’s Your Budget Going To Be Like?

Travelling might be priceless in terms of the experiences you gain, but it definitely can add up in real costs very quickly. As much as you might want to see dozens of countries and hundreds of cities, it’s going to be important to not only consider the time you’re going to have to do so, but also the money. There are tons of ways to save money along the way, and maximize your travel potential; so make a plan of the destinations you had in mind for the 2017 & beyond so you can start to build a budget that you can stick to.

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