2017 Travel TrendsWith the end of the year approaching quickly, it’s just the right time to start thinking about the trends that will dictate the upcoming year when it comes to travel. As seeing the world is becoming more accessible than ever before, the trends are shifting as well. Seeing the world is something that will always be an individual experience, but there’s still new trends and perspectives you may not have thought of! Here are just of few of some of the hottest upcoming 2017 travel trends!

Keep It Local

While seeing the farest corners of the earth will never go out of style, taking your local area to task will also become just a little more popular. Heading to far-away cities and countries can teach you plenty about the world around you, but there’s a lot to be said about being able to explore your own backyard. Whether it’s staying in your city, or head to other parts of your province, state or country, there is so much more to discover around you that you may not even need a passport for!

Go Underwater

Heading to tropical destinations with lots of water around have always been popular, and even deep sea diving for some. Spending the night or eating a meal underwater has been slow to come to the mainstream! Something that was once reserved for the ultra-rich is now slight more accessible with the rise of more underwater hotels and restaurants around the world.

“Bleisure” Trips

Before, most people kept business and pleasure separate, but “bleisure” travel is on the rise! As Fortune Magazine puts it, it’s a mix of business and leisure ¬†for employees of companies that offer trips for conferences or other incentives that you can also still enjoy. Artists and freelancers have long taken advantage of these types of trips, using new surroundings to inspire new work and help them building new connections and find new clients. There are quite a few companies and industries that this works in, so keep this in mind when considering job and career prospects so you don’t have a give up travelling the world for your 9 – 5.2017 Travel Trends

Guest Houses

Airbnb is nothing new, but guest housing is slowly but surely becoming just as viable of an option for many as hotels. It’s a big part of what it making travel that much more affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s usually on the much cheaper side of things and can help you stay way below you budget during the course of your trip.


Apps like Lyft & Uber is another thing that, while not new by any means, is picking up stream by being accessible in more places than ever before. Gone are the days where renting a car was the only way you could get around, especially in places where public transportation was a bit less prevalent. This also prevent you from having to travel with cash for taxis, which are usually twice as expensive as ridesharing services to begin with.

2017 Travel TrendsTravel Apps

For almost any task or need you can think of when it comes to planning and executing the perfect trip, there’s a travel app that makes it that much simpler. There are tons of different apps on the market that can do everything from book and track a flight, check in to a hotel, translate local signage, direct you to your destination and so much more. In 2017, there will not only be more individualized apps that perfect the processes of ones before it, but more apps that will bring multiple functionalities in one place and do it better than all of the competitors. The key is to simplify all of these processes!

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