We all travel for our own reasons, from food to sunshine and so much more. For those of us with a bit of an adventurous streak, looking for the next thrill is important! While you can find the fun no matter where you go, there are definitely destinations that make for better adventures than others. If you have a travel bucket list, try to split it up into destinations for different reasons! You might go to some cities for the nightlife while others are for relaxing and so on. When it comes to adventure though, that can come in so many forms. For the thrill-seeker in all of us, here are the best destinations for adventurers.

best destinations for adventurersAustralia

Australia is a great place to go for quite a few reasons. From vast, sprawling outback and beautiful beaches, there’s plenty of natural wonder to explore and enjoy. From hiking & mountain climbing to surfing and deep sea diving, everyone will find something to do while soaking up to year-round sun.



If you can handle the cold, this is a truly beautiful part of the world to see. Consider, for example, the world-renowned husky-pulled sleds that you can get in to see the snowy tundras of Sweden & Norway. You’ll everything from traditional settlements and breathtaking mountains and other amazing natural wonders.


Galapagos Islands

It’s no wonder Darwin came to these peaceful islands to study all types of animal life, since this place is truly a nature-lover’s dream! You can see reef sharks, sea turtles, iguanas, flamingos, sea lions, whales, dolphins, and penguins across the areas 5 islands, which are themselves covered with¬†saltwater lagoons, lava fields, forests, beaches and more. Whether you want to travel by land or by water is up to you! There’s plenty of hiking to be done, and you can also try out an eco cruise to get up close & personal with some of the coolest marine life around.


Russia, Mongolia & China

We know, this is 3 separate countries. But the amazing thing is they are more closely linked then you would think, with the nation of Mongolia in between. You can ride the Trans-Mongolian Express to embark on a 21 day trip to see parts of the world that not many have seen. You can start in China and head southeast or begin in Russia and go northwest but either way, you’re in for a treat. Stop at the Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square or St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square. On your way, you’ll also cross the plains at Gobi Desert in Mongolia and the country’s lush countryside, mountain ranges, rivers and even cross 5 different time zones. Along the way, you’ll stop in big cities as well as small villages and fishing towns so you can get the full scope or the diversity of the region.

best destinations for adventurers

Sicily’s Aeolian Islands

Just north of Sicily, you’ll find a group of 7 islands that are all just as picturesque as you could imagine. One of the islands,¬†Alicudi, is largely overlooked by tourists so there’s tons of untouched natural beauty there for you to enjoy. There are steep cliffs that provide some of the best views of the Mediterranean sea. Some of the other islands are known for their own unique and beautiful natural habitats, so don’t hesitate to explore them either. From green ferns, hiking paths, mountains and volcanoes and plenty of fields and beaches; there’s something for everyone.

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