fall festivalsNow that the fall season is in full swing, it’s a great time to consider that there are plenty of seasonal festivals going on around the world during this time. Whether it’s to celebrate the harvest, solstice or lead up to the holidays, there are some pretty unique celebrations that can be found at many corners of the globe. These are the type of events that are perfect for planning a trip around, since they offer so much insight into the culture of wherever you’re hoping to go. A celebration is a great way to get a real feel of a country or region’s culture and learn a lot along the way. Just like any other event in a particular city or area, it’s always good to have a good idea of the things that are going on before you head to your destination so that you can anticipate what it might be like. That might mean lively celebrations and plenty of food or it might mean that everything shuts or slows down to commemorate something important. Keep these kinds of things in mind so you’re not met with a surprise when you get there! Here are just a few fall festivals from around the world.

India – Festival Of Lights

In India, you can find the festival of lights, or Diwali, going on around the start of November each year. Thought the festival lasts for 5 days, the biggest part happens on the darkest night when there’s a new moon. During this time, lanterns and candles are everywhere in the country and it will be commonplace to see fireworks displays no matter where you look.

Germany – Duck Race

Every year in early October, this unconventional festival takes place near the Neckar River. Called Entrenennen in German, thousands of spectators will gather as they watch thousands of rubber ducks be dumped into the river and “raced.” All in all, it’s an interesting spectacle to watch!

Masskara Festival – Philippines

October of every year in Bacolod City, you can find the bright and colourful Masskara Festival, complete with costumes, street celebrations and plenty of food. It makes sense for such a celebration to happen in a town also known as the City of Smiles.fall festivals

England – Guy Fawkes Day

On the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes day is celebrated as a way to commemorate the foiling of a plan that was meant to destroy the House Of Lords. During this time, Thanksgiving is celebrated with dinners, bonfires and even fireworks.

Germany – Oktoberfest

Another German celebration in the fall comes in the form of the world famous Oktoberfest – happening every October in the European nation. As the world’s largest beer festival, this has been a tradition in the country since 1810.

Brazil – Nossa Senhora de Nazaré

The second Sunday of October finds Brazilians celebrating the largest religious festival in the country. A large parade revolves around a statue of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, which is believed to have been responsible for miracles in Portugal before ending up in Brazil. THe statue is carried through and then along the Amazon river.

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