Saint martinSaint Martin is one of the liveliest islands in the Caribbean, and an amazing place that everyone should visit at least once. Technically split into two separate nations, there’s tons to explore on this island! Here are just a few reasons why you should go to Saint Martin!


With the whole island being tax and duty free, it’s one of the best places in the Caribbean to go shopping for clothes, cosmetics, electronics and even food. It makes the whole shopping experience fun and full of benefits, so it’s important that you explore and find the best and most interesting places to shop and save.

Amazing Diving

For travellers who are heavily into deep sea diving, St. Maarten provides the perfect place to do so. Surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, there are also tons of healthy reef systems, intriguing shipwrecks and tons of marine life to see and experience when you go for a dive.

Great Nightlife

On both parts of the island, there’s plenty of nightclubs, bars, lounges as well as casinos featuring lots of local entertainment. Depending on what you preference, you can find indoor locations as well as open-air party spots if you want to have a great time, with great drinks but still have the Caribbean breeze all around you!

Perfect Weather

Just like most islands, Sint Marteen is a tropical paradise with year-round warmth that makes for a perfect hot getaway any time of the year. The time of year with the best weather however, is form January to March – making this the peak time to travel there. Plenty of rain is in the forecast from May to October, but with temperatures ranging between 29-32°C, you’re bound to find tons of time with hot conditions all throughout your time there.

Two Cultures CollideSaint martin

As we mentioned, this island is technically home to two separate nations, St. Martin to the north, and Sint Maarten to the south – a testament to the island being nation states of France and The Netherlands respectively. This makes it a unique blend of cultures and customs, that also include African and Spanish influences due to its culture makeup and history. This duality manifests itself in the music, customs and food on the island, and it pulled from all of these influences to create a brand new culture on the island. Revel in all that both nations have to offer for an enriched experience.

Friendly People Everywhere

In a country to warm and beautiful, it’s no surprise that the people who live here are just as warm and friendly. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with hospitality and kindness, and won’t have to worry about anyone not being helpful during your stay.

Unmatched Natural Beauty

WIth plenty of mountains, there’s always somewhere amazing and beautiful to watch the sunrise and sunset on the island. There’s also plenty of open space and picturesque views that make everything you see on the island simply unforgettable. The island is also home to over 35 different beaches to enjoy and relax on. There’s tons of options for families travelling together,  honeymooners, solo and adventure travellers looking to get into things like scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling and so much more.

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