pexels-photo-largeNo matter how long you plan to stay, you’ll always need interesting things to do while you’re in Seattle. From markets to waterfronts to world-renowned structures; there’s something for everyone’s type of interest and fun. It’s imperative that you take advantage of all that a city has to offer, so here is our list of the best attractions in Seattle.

Pike Place Market

This public market can be found in the heart of downtown Seattle, with its place in the city’s history since it has been open since 1907. This farmer’s market is open all year, with veggies, seafood, and all the food you can imagine. You can also find floral and craft stalls to explore and purchase from. Look out for vendors tossing salmon between each other at the fish stall near the main entrance. Don’t miss the history nearby, as right across the street are even more market shops as well as the original Starbucks Coffee shop.

Space Needle

Just like with any landmark in a large city, heading the the Space Needle is a must in Seattle. The icon has been one of the city’s most popular places to visit since being built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. Head to the structures observation deck, 605 feet high – the perfect height for some amazing views of the entire city and beyond.

Washington State Ferries

You can find ferries all around to get to different parts of Seattle and even to British Columbia! For less than $10 round-trip, you can go on a great sightseeing boat ride on the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry. This 45-minute boat ride will bring you to Bainbridge and into the friendly town of Winslow, where you’ll have tons of restaurants, cafes and shops to discover all within a 10-minute walk of the ferry landing. As you head back towards the city, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the amazing urban skyline view as the ferry makes the return trip back towards downtown Seattle.

Downtown Waterfront

The great thing about Seattle being surrounded by water is that there is a great waterfront to walk along full of shops, restaurants and beautiful wooden piers that bring you even closer to the water. Check out the Seattle Aquarium along the waterfront to see what lives in the local waters, or take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel – a 175-foot tall ferris wheel to give you some of the most romantic views of the city skyline. From there, you’ll be able to see nearby Elliott Bay and also the Olympic Mountains. This is a great activity choice for those who want something a little bit more laid back.

Seattle Art Museum

No matter what type of art is your favourite, you can find something that speaks to you at the Seattle Art Museum. From famous European works, to ancient Asian or Indigenous Art, you can also find contemporary and modern sculptures here so there’s truly something for everyone. You’ll also find a lively gift shop and restaurant with some pretty great meals. 

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