hands with world map travel mythsNo matter where you’re from or where you’re headed, travellers all have the same desire to see the world outside their home city, town or country. There’s still many misconceptions about travelling and seeing the world in general that stops some people from giving it a try. Here are just a few myths about travel and why they’re wrong.

It’s Too Expensive

With the advancements in technology and the continued rise of the internet age,  nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a plethora of apps, websites, tips and tricks to help you budget, plan and find some of the best travel deals around. It’s almost important to look at travelling as an investment in experiences. Changing the attitudes around it could be a big help in loosening up some of the ideals people have about it. If seeing the world is a priority, it would be in your best interest to start a travel fund and look for ways to contribute to it as often as possible and as your budget permits. It also helps to be diligent in signing up to multiple deal and alert websites to help you secure one-off deals whenever they pop up. Being flexible helps too, as last minute deals come up all the time. By keeping your mind (and your schedule, if you can) open, you have an even higher chance of scoring a deal. Outside of airfare and spending money, the biggest travel expense is lodging. Within the last few years, guest home, room and hostel rentals have increased in popularity and are super accessible on sites like AirBNB and VRBO. For the more adventurous, young world travellers have even taken to couch surfing. Take advantage of whichever option works best for you when travelling to get even more out of your experiences.

working remotely travel mythsYou Can’t Work Abroad

A big part of the “it’s too expensive” argument is the idea of supporting yourself on more than just savings. This applies particularly for long-term travellers who go weeks or months at a time exploring one or many countries before returning home. Not only are there a whole host of programs and websites designed to help you you to work all over the world, you may be lucky enough to work remotely for a company. This means you can travel anywhere and still be productive and earn an income without to constraint of having to go to a particular location to do said work.

Guidebooks Are Always Right

Many travellers trust guidebooks to tell them where to go, what to see, do and eat while they’re in a country. While they may be a good place to start, they’re not the be-all end all of travel tips. Keep in mind that guidebooks may not always be up to date, so relying on them may prove tricky if your destination has been through a lot of recent changes. Also, these guidebooks tend to focus on the most tourist friendly spots, which may not work if you’re hoping to take the road less travelled. A quick Google search,  sites like TripAdvisor and numerous travel blogs can bring you tons of information about where you’re headed – from famous landmarks to little known must-sees.

woman standing alone in water travel mythsTravelling Alone Is Unsafe

Depending on your own preferences, you might be keen to see the world on your own. While travelling with family and friends can be fun, hitting the road alone not only frees you up to do whatever you want but can also tell you a lot about yourself along the way. It’s not uncommon for there to be some type of snafu on a trip, but taking the solo route can teach you important lessons about handling them without any outside help. Also, it’s a great way to push yourself outside your comfort zone. While you should take general caution to keep yourself safe, there’s no sense in opting to not see what the world has to offer simply because of the possibility of a negative outcome. Staying aware of your surroundings, looking for hotels and guest houses with good reviews and rating, keeping your valuables close or even at home are just a few ways you can keep yourself safe when you travel.

You’ll Get Sick Of It

While it is quite possible to get a little bit homesick during your adventures, once you trigger your wanderlust it’s likely not to go away. You may not have to leave home for months at a time, but even little weekend getaways can help satisfy your need to see more of the world.

As with any trip or adventure, it’s important to be well-prepared and pack using high quality luggage like our Rise Gear bags – especially for longer trips where you’ll need it on hand to keep your essentials in order. Happy Travels!


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